By Jeff Thompson

On January 10 of this year, Biden met with Trudeau and the president of Mexico at the 10th North American “Leaders” Summit. While there, Biden signed the Declaration of North America. Here is what was inside it. This is verbatim text, as found at Our comments are below each segment in bold and italics. … Continue reading By Jeff Thompson

Message from Kerry Cassidy

Source of the following: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Juan/John: If you or your team read this I am sure you are sick of me by now and believe you have it all figured out. But there are some indicators that say you don’t and therefore I go out of my way to give you what might be a … Continue reading Message from Kerry Cassidy

Concerning the writings herein

Any writing not labled or titled by any other person was written by Kyle B. Epperson. The funny thing is, I am but a conduit used for universal expression. I, really, have no deep connection with most prose or poetry written in this record. Yeah, some writings and poems are colored by my personal experiences … Continue reading Concerning the writings herein

We’re Heading Towards The Depopulation Numbers On The Deagel Report As Bizarre Cancers Spike & Unheard-Of Diseases Emerge

By Stefan Stanford of ANP - January 23, 2023 While the alarming story over at Dr. Paul Alexander's substack newsletter this morning is titled "Yes, the 'BIG KILL OFF' is coming, booked, due to these fraud deadly COVID shots & we drag Bourla & Bancel (Pfizer & Moderna) into courtrooms," it'd be more accurate to … Continue reading We’re Heading Towards The Depopulation Numbers On The Deagel Report As Bizarre Cancers Spike & Unheard-Of Diseases Emerge


Posted By: Seawitch [Send E-Mail]Date: Tuesday, 24-Jan-2023 D. Delta Force vs. Blackwater Military confrontation in Utah from Thurs. 12 Jan. to Sat.21 Jan. 2023 culminated in 259 Blackwater (Academie) deaths. Tom Fairbanks, Founder of Community Support Foundation.  On Monday January 9th SCOTUS decided not to hear the case Brunson vs Adams et al, which prompted … Continue reading PART “D” DELTA FORCE VS. BLACKWATER MILITARY CONFRONTATION IN UTAH

Abandon feminism and it’s projected delusions

The problem with modern women is, since they’ve become men, according to society, they have not become men socially. Women are projecting what males look for in women into what they look for in a man. It’s a boggling, though logical once you dissect it, phenomenon. Modern women project the antithesis of what they are, … Continue reading Abandon feminism and it’s projected delusions


Another livejournal gem: Social Stigma Addicted to the cancer eating away, smiles beside the dagger filled maw. Stepping stones cover the sky, walking over and under, twilight gathers all. A vagrant  angel. Swallow the sky, that feeling inside Having walked the other side of life; window open, letting life blow in, frigid, terse, piercing as … Continue reading Gem

Written June 27, 2015:

Spiritual thoughts What we have with the whole good versus evil, God versus Satan paradigms is reminiscent of the bipartisan political system in America. All involved are corrupt and disconnected from the source. Two sides of the same coin and neither side with your best interest in mind. Reconnecting with the source, takes abandoning any … Continue reading Written June 27, 2015:

Those With Eyes

12/13/2022 vision - Understanding the "two mind" principle, in doing that, observing that play is the consciousness shift into 5D. A playground, where life just flows, interesting as fuck, but it just flows. This is what the wholesome world will be experiencing very soon! Many of you will be shocked at how you look at … Continue reading Those With Eyes

Restoring the shell

Intention and attention are the greatest forms of power a human can control. The 8th hermetic principle, the lost knowledge, the generative principle of creation. Where is your focus? Care... CARE. What do you give a shit about day to day? Heart, mind, guts... thus is the true trinity of life. One has to care … Continue reading Restoring the shell

A conscious love

What is the love you desire? We are entering, fully...consciously, into a brand new day. All to easily love has been misconstrued as lust. Sex has been transformed into a weapon, an insanely pleasurable drug. A drug that can only be used a handful of times before pair bonding is destroyed. For a great many, … Continue reading A conscious love

Delilah has cut Samson’s hair

The modern intersexual paradigm is explained perfectly in Judges 16. Masculinity is the quality that makes man a man, the quality that, no matter how fucked up women's prefrontal cortex is, is required to have a true Source qualified romantic involvement. Masculinity, true masculinity is a Source inspired aura, men and women are different, fuck … Continue reading Delilah has cut Samson’s hair