Kappa Beta Epsilon 

As life weighs in downward trajectory 

None will know for evolved refractory

A cheapened form of love be all one gets

A back stop, a safe bet, a sad story

Courage in spades, one loses all bets

Through it all, still remains perfunctory 

But inside one screams aloud, true story

Seeking to raise the conscious vibration 

Often neglecting the truth of oneself 

Fucks be given too freely, way too fast

The key to ones health is reservation 

Fucks reserved are for that affecting health

Not meant for bullshit one knows will not last 

Such is the secret of true salvation.



Simple Brillance

I used to believe in destiny

 I used to believe I was a magic, like I was meant to fly 

I used to believe in destiny

I used to believe I was invincible, I’d succeed at anything I tried 

I no longer believe in destiny 

This started the day I died

I know I am me

I know I am a force to be reckoned with 

I know I am me

I know good from bad, needing no intermediary 

I know I am me 

I know I.


Slavery In Our Time 

Isn’t it sad that we can’t see what we might have

As we piss and moan out the loan we own of a lie of life built for a time

Of fancy grown by an existence built without resistance,

With ease, a life viewed with goggles of rose, that we don’t really own.

That’s repeatedly blown for clandestine powers and fiat flowers once we’re grown.

Lost to life, instilled with strife, energy wasted on deadened plight

Music and poetry are the last conscious gasp, a pineal treat that naught can beat,

Save birth and death. Learn we must, to value each breath 

Don’t fight for a future or past misplaced, now is all there ever is.

All there is, everything!



Realizing you are more than what is available  

Stifles the ego, damn! Are we that horrible as a race?!?

That what is sought is but bought with arrogance misplaced 

Slapping self in the face, strong wasn’t a choice to be made 

But the only option in an optionless game

Life moves forward, now is everything, all there is

Past and future are man made constructs, used to deduct 

A separation state from the point of grace that lies in not giving a fuck

Giving no fucks takes discretion, direction toward what makes one ill

Know yourself and be willing to kill the ego inside that is instilled

By life of times gone mad with blind ambition for fiat flowers and unfettered power