Folly's Wake before me, after me, before you, after you energy permeates all, encompassed in and of itself everything, no vacuum exists. neutrinos, just one of millions no…trillions, no…countless particles invisible to human eye, narcissistic folly is sum of human intellect. wizened ones know they know nothing. life and knowledge, ever growing, ever knowing, less … Continue reading #399


One, Two, Three..Go Three attractive times three, fourth unknown two strut show, go to counter glances, nice backsides pleated skirts back to work, research, writing working continues third walks toward, behind walking working, working, writing talking with friend or two third walks back to table mind that gap, its nice third is best opinion reigns … Continue reading #397


Bar Night Beginnings bar stool sitting, writing, people watching girl with previous night's wear shuffles in disheveled hair, all day shame walk someone had fun or left unsatisfied *shrug* it is Saturday night midwest city lacking decorum any city for that matter strange is strange some can't resist the pull in walks a somewhat hottie … Continue reading #396


Cops and Robbers mirrored surface coffee shop life there she was counter sitting in walks Kyle glance tossed curiosity's wriggle life alive same yet different love sprinkled over authority's bite? or perp speculation? who knows?!? tis known ego aside libido tempered energy was exchanged moment shared laughing, laughing chuckle, chortle facepalm she was cute pigs...

MGTOW on Mother’s Day 

This is the day after celebrating the biological imperative of the female human. A pointless materialistic ritual, engendering all that is truly fucked up about our society.  The nuclear family has been systematically destroyed. We glorify motherhood, which is an amazing thing, but coupled in with that is single motherhood. Single mothers are seen as … Continue reading MGTOW on Mother’s Day