Fuck You Thrice The time for playing your luck is through. Now is the end, your choice is made. A life of loss and lessened love, fuck you. Care he cannot,too much he gave. Chance and chance, squandered and tossed Never realizing how much you lost Bleed he did, heart and soul.. the price tag … Continue reading #112


Guardian Angel Beginning again is not as daunting a prospect as felt at one time, not too long ago. He is learning very valuable lessons What he is worth, how he will be treated What he will put up with, his patience tried, limits are fast approaching, he feels no sorrow for the lack of … Continue reading #111


Not The End Feeling strong and worthy of so much more. discordance and disregard... thought as less than need less than want is more,  Traded down for less but with more superficiality.  Scarred he's not, memory made, and lesson learned. But no! He will not give up, cannot give up.