Fuck You Thrice

The time for playing your luck is through.

Now is the end, your choice is made.

A life of loss and lessened love, fuck you.

Care he cannot,too much he gave.

Chance and chance, squandered and tossed

Never realizing how much you lost

Bleed he did, heart and soul..

the price tag was wrong.  Fuck you.

Time enough, time too much.

Letting the best man you will find go,

never giving him a chance.

Fuck you.



Guardian Angel

Beginning again is not as daunting a prospect

as felt at one time, not too long ago.

He is learning very valuable lessons

What he is worth, how he will be treated

What he will put up with, his patience tried,

limits are fast approaching, he feels no sorrow

for the lack of vision in seeing his value

Poured out his heart, holding none in reserve

Some gave all and some did not.

Safe and sound is where they would be

lest they fall prey to the world outside, naive and

oblivious… needing a hand, the one denied.


Not The End

Feeling strong and worthy of so much more.

discordance and disregard… thought as less than need

less than want is more,  Traded down for less

but with more superficiality.  Scarred he’s not,

memory made, and lesson learned.

But no! He will not give up, cannot give up.


Saving Grace

Bit in the ass, a pain as deep as any you have ever felt.

“I told you so” will never be said, need never be said,

you know the truth, knew it before

some lessons are only learnt the way of the fist

Fists and furious lusts, a dangerous combination.

Comfort and grace are offered here, within my heart

the shelter, the safe haven you crave

that place you have needed without knowing.


The Choice

He pours his heart into the bowl of life

Translucent and bright, it spins round and round

Holding none in reserve, it’s not his fault

Life is to be lived unto the fullest

Partial commitments dull love ev’ry time

If both are not invested, why bother?

Cull the verge and let true love blossom forth.

One way or the other, a heart will break

Can she live with, losing the one she loves,

A rehashed fantasy haunting her steps?

The choice is harrowing but must be made.

One knows, the other does not… What to do?

Live and love in a life of hidden truth

or rejoice in the acceptance of love?


No Regrets

On the first page of our story our future seemed so right

the next page was sullied and it didn’t turn out so bright

I am still here waiting, don’t make me seem the fool

What you need, my darling, is far more than the tool.

Lies and love…. a love profound,

many seeking to choke it down.

We must not quit, our time is now;

face the demons, show them how.

to make love last, to stand in faith

not giving in to a wicked wraith.

The one, that thing that drove you wild

tricked your mind, made your body smile

your soul it weeps for rent of love

truer than most, like flight for dove.

Heed your soul, forego fickle wants

or in your heart love lost will haunt.


Energetic Secret

Starlight, star stuff… the source of it all.

Consciousness varied, mistakenly wasted

A brief gasp, a moment of life

Droll by the masses, light within a few.


Life is abundant, open the eyes.

Look not for want but for whom to help

self to self, unity, rather than self alone

Such is the purpose of life.


Many wish to hold on to this life

too closely, valuing the banal existence

rather than a full abundant adventure

The folly of mortality made manifest


To live is to die, just another adventure

What we do with this life

is ultimately up to us, become what you think

but be careful what you choose