Naïve In Fame Making time is done, privilege lost when no reciprocal thought given Stepped over support, for granted taken...walk on toes of love Discarded for society's fancy, that bullshit show Seen with excitement and lustful fervor... Novelty never had, dipping toes into pool of acid, about to take a plunge "Stop! Wait!" -SPLASH...glug glug-


Running No interest, fickle flame...hidden beauty seen by one with vision  Brought to fore and used for empty connections Mistaken interests, used for lusts, sadly sweet... Beauty played raw. "Buddy" forgotten, shelved in disrepair  Too much life, too much reality...too real for popularity's fancy


To Trudge Emotional infancy, cherished for ignorance sake Seen sadly squandered , sequestered for faux love's arrival Carry on, to the stars through difficulty  Attempting to fill a cavity as hollow as the sky Yearns for something never had, but tasted for a moment  A moment, that moment, two lifetimes ago A ghost of nothing, … Continue reading #268


Fuck! Overwhelmed with emotion, condensed to physical form Crying alive with love for the unconscious Discarded for society's play song Lost in lusts of every man Realize without is far from within Carrying on for so long  So very long wrapped in a love destitute Hopelessly, romantically lost in refined silence  Overlooked, streamlined to relevance … Continue reading #267


Wolf's Time In that moment, the dead of night, that is where the real pain resides Hidden from view by distraction and attention sway Hand curdled and broken from ambulatory neglect  The pain, a sharpened, numbing ache...a tattoo constant.  Chore to sleep, thoughts and pain...bonsoir et c'est la vie.


The View of Silence Heart fades back to stone Twenty years too long Too long for the expendable land of Strawberry Winters. Reason and logic subsumed in fettered form Cries out for embryonic flame Shot to the heart Waning vitality seeps to DMT revelation  Multitudes without Consciousness seen as cancer An egocentric landscape.  What does … Continue reading #259


Spacecraft  Seeing the same story unfold in another life... Narratives change but message remains What comes of a naive, frightened boy, who is thrust to manhood  And expected to know all he should have learned, sans thrust? Solitary confinement transforms extrovert to introvert Coupled with experience dearth, drives one mad with experience lust Lustful folly … Continue reading #254


American Dream  Dreams spoken, dreams reborn November approaches, bringing cold Wheels turning through lives A flower tries to find meaning in sand Sand retreats with noonday tide Grasping futility, whispering winds the flower catches wind of bloom Bright and shining, it stands alone


Love For Granted Taken Personal love is not possible, for lack of understanding and expectations of is Love overflowing, pouring forth in every action  Lends credence to viability as one mature in love Intimidating presence, intimidating experience, misunderstood by all without By all with a naive love, a brief underestimation of truth in awareness 


Ghosting Teasing The edge of thought, that grey area of mischief. What happens to the thought focused on the edge though not secure of self? Slipping in, slipping out, realty unrendered... Brought to fore with wild eyed and manic stutter. Slips away with illusion's prevalence.