U. N. I. T. Y.  (Unfortunately No Inquiry Tells You) her beauty walked in darkness clouded shrouds of mind filled with sanity dance childish whims, presence alike masking ever-present desire for self-fulfillment fooled alike, man after man fooled for men long dead, portraits revered energy sorted, real prize sponges swathed in glorified entitlement filled to overflowing, … Continue reading #405


Past Being Present earth is ever-changing, ever-morphing entity nothing is constant gravity is relative speed of light...slow scalar pointed transdimensional beings ignorant hubris paramount those without see folly of ways of war...stuck relegated to the days of yore waking ever-present consciousness feeds paradigm shift glorious reverie thought meets reality lucidity dreamt in time immemorial


Remembering Youth strength is found in times of manufactured solace front presented to all others fragile flower stomped life cracked, not broken rising ashes shaped to life Strive and strive rest of 'em being wanted forget self passion plays with life begets love ball in cup uniqueness thrown aside generic spread wash out falters once, … Continue reading #403


Chaos Halls dying inside, in presence long past negated by reality's being,  hope offered, hope alive strength to ride, strength to write...feeling outside, inside, right ways out. loving, loving reaching under skin to heart and soul, read aloud treasure found stored upon that precious cloud; inspiration's bite walking time and over again, falling over self … Continue reading #402


Return To Life quickly falling over and again loving each, every one some, perhaps, more than others can't be helped, doesn't matter no competition, love overrides watching myself, my interactions my life, third person view watching myself watch myself a voyeuristic orgy, mirrored conclave mind of man, amazing beast for sure consciously sentient, unconsciously droll … Continue reading #401