Delilah has cut Samson’s hair

The modern intersexual paradigm is explained perfectly in Judges 16.

Masculinity is the quality that makes man a man, the quality that, no matter how fucked up women’s prefrontal cortex is, is required to have a true Source qualified romantic involvement. Masculinity, true masculinity is a Source inspired aura, men and women are different, fuck off with your bs socio politics. The demonization of masculinity is the base problem for the current paradigm shift we’re going through. In the Bible, Man is created in the image of those in question… the word used in the text is “our”.

Samson’s hair in the modern analogy is masculinity. Delilah (western women) have cut Samsons hair and wonder why they “can’t find no man”. The real men, are fostering their masculinity without women. Real men know, women with their over-inflated and highly narcisisstic egos, “the juice is not worth the squeeze”. Western women have no self respect and are not worth the relationship bullshit. All for a piece of smurfed out pink sleeve with zero pair-bonding ability? On behalf of real men… No thanks, we’re good.

Gents: investing in cat food stock might be a good idea.

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