Vicious Manipulations A gentle caress to the hand, the elbow, a playful tapping on your shoulder/knee, hand in the small of your back, on your inner thigh.... you are kissing him, wanting to give yourself fully to him.  You don't know where this desire is coming from, your type he isn't and yet you cannot … Continue reading #86

The Unknown

Is there alien life at our level or beyond in our galaxy?  We just don't know, the possibilities are there, yes, but we could very well be this galaxy's most intelligent beings, a failed experiment, or failing rather.  Too caught up in our primitive mindsets... there are an exceptional few, however, a few that seems … Continue reading The Unknown

Sun in a body

The unwillingness to keep learning is by far the greatest prison media has imposed upon our societies.  To be stuck worrying about who kissed who and who is sleeping with who... so distracting our kids, raised by kids themselves.  We are entering another state of human devolution.  I am a fairly intelligent person, magnified and boasted … Continue reading Sun in a body

Theist gridlock…

True death is religion.  Death occurs when life becomes stagnant and ceases to grow... deceased.  When one's quest for knowledge ceases and they delude themselves into thinking they have all the answers, an intellectual death occurs.  At that point, and only then, can a true rebirth happen a rebirth into knowledge and away from bronze … Continue reading Theist gridlock…