The A.M.

In the dark before the dawn,

he rises with nary a yawn

this is his time, the day his

tapestry, bare.  Colors in words,

hues of phrases, morning time

fits best. Rapidly changing,

bringing source to life.



Physics at the End

When at last the pain resides,

fear is that which runs and hides

mortal death is energy’s release

never created, never to cease…


Vicious Manipulations

A gentle caress to the hand, the elbow,

a playful tapping on your shoulder/knee,

hand in the small of your back, on your inner

thigh…. you are kissing him, wanting to give

yourself fully to him.  You don’t know where

this desire is coming from, your type he isn’t

and yet you cannot resist his charms.

Your psyche is being trained to be a mental

slave to his will, just one in a line.  More to come

after but you don’t mind, he promises and says

exactly what you want, he’s done his homework,

drawing you tighter and tighter, into his web.

The Unknown

Is there alien life at our level or beyond in our galaxy?  We just don’t know, the possibilities are there, yes, but we could very well be this galaxy’s most intelligent beings, a failed experiment, or failing rather.  Too caught up in our primitive mindsets… there are an exceptional few, however, a few that seems to be growing ever more and more abundant, as the old guard dies out.  I can only hope this love for knowledge persists and doesn’t die out with the adoption of television and reality television baby sitters and influences.  We think we are at the zenith of our race’s advancement and, in a sense, we are correct.  We are entering the death throws of something that should have ended after World War Two.  Fiat currencies and the illusions of power, that is what the world is focused on, rather than things that actually matter.

We, as a race, need to enter a different state of being.  We, as a race, need to graduate from our mythologies (religions), oligarchies, monarchies and other such creators of slaves.  We are, all of us, twenty-first century beings, we don’t need baby sitters telling us what to eat, what not to eat, whom we can marry, whom we cannot… we are adults. Our choices shape our lives.  Those whom we grant the power of governance need to remember that their choices don’t matter in our lives.

Life is a journey, an experience, it isn’t supposed to be mapped out and planned.  The unknown is not to be feared, it is to be expected, sure we can predict some things, but life happens; freak accidents, unlikely recoveries, etc.  What matters in life is not what happens to you or what you own, it is how you deal with what happens to you.



Taking a chance, he bides his time

one moment to the next, stifling, drowning

in a sea of thoughts, dreams and pain

both intermingled, life does life but

despair hangs ready, he dreams a dream

of the beautiful she, The apple to the worm

the night to the star, encompassing all,

The pain is familiar, the pain of wrought,

forging a man broken yet whole.

Le sigh… le sigh et c’est la vie.



When all is said and done,will you be my only one

or will you be another in a sea of what could never be?

I have done all I could and wonder at the last…

What will happen when tomorrow comes to pass.

Sun in a body

The unwillingness to keep learning is by far the greatest prison media has imposed upon our societies.  To be stuck worrying about who kissed who and who is sleeping with who… so distracting our kids, raised by kids themselves.  We are entering another state of human devolution.  I am a fairly intelligent person, magnified and boasted to extremes I am unable to fulfill, meaning, I am not the smartest man alive.  Yet, people have told me, even through my short years, that I am the smartest man they have ever met.  On one hand my ego takes a leap and almost simultaneously I wretch at the ineptitude that our race  has achieved.  To be one of would be better, but to be the smartest… holy hell!  I love learning, by brain is in a constant state of activity, even when I do sleep, it is as if my brain elicits a low hum as I dream.. completely inaudible but for my own state of self-awareness.  I truly wish to the sun, that permeates the unknowing beliefs of so very many misguided humans, I could find way to wake this race from its reverie.

That is all.