Those With Eyes

12/13/2022 vision – Understanding the “two mind” principle, in doing that, observing that play is the consciousness shift into 5D. A playground, where life just flows, interesting as fuck, but it just flows. This is what the wholesome world will be experiencing very soon! Many of you will be shocked at how you look at your life. Everything will be clear, your subconscious becomes conscious. That is what consciousness is and we’re all gonna get clarity, intelligence, everyone will be out of 3D habitual thought, out of 4D selfish thinking. Into awareness of how and why the you’re doing what you’re doing. Oh boy, am I excited!!! Interstellar here we come!!!!!!!!!

^ cont’d – that’s me observing future 5D existence…. do you reslize that me observing future versions of us is raising our vibrations higher and higher is like me sitting on a couch viewing our lives as a movie…

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