Real Man Poem
Quiet men often think and “speak” the loudest,
Not caught in ego fancy of “look at me, look at me”
The true man knows his worth and his value
even when others discount and make mockery
The loving man loves his peace, his burning star
Showing her that love is inside, ever growing
The honest man will show her this love anon
Having not time for games of head and heart.

Thoughts of a late November weekend

Sex for lust filled immediate gratification is a mask, a mask for what love truly is.  It is a farce, a drug… a cheap fulfillment of a beautiful thing.  Being celibate, not wholly by choice, these past three+ years has given me an interesting perspective, this on top of the already introspective view of a brain injury survivor.  True, I don’t have anyone to come home to or to share my life with.  True, I don’t have much, if any, physical contact with people.  I am an introverted extrovert.  I find it easier to think and to accomplish the things I must, being alone.  Yeah, call me a coward or whatever for “taking the easy road”.  I am a courageous and strong individual.  I am an extrovert at my core, a true people person.  There are some things I must do, however, and people detract from that.  I don’t know what this thing is exactly, just yet, but I am very close with multiple things in the works.

“It’s just Kyle, feeling sorry for himself”.  Hahaha, seriously….  I am the last person who will feel sorry for themselves.  I don’t whine or complain, even with all that has happened to me/was taken away from me.  It is what it is, it happened… move on.  Dwelling on the past serves no one and cheapens your life and purpose.   I won’t and haven’t done that.  Life is ahead of me, of us.

What’s next?  I cannot say, nor would I presume to predict.  All I know for certain is that I am not done, by any means.  Cheers and circus peanuts.

TBI nonprofit support

Hello Friends!!

My name is Kyle Epperson. Today I am asking each of you for help. As you may or may not know, I personally suffer from a traumatic brain injury or TBI as it’s called. My goal is to create a foundation to support other victims afflicted by this condition.  Due to personally being affected by this, I have a passion for the mission to raise awareness and support for others suffering daily as I do. I am asking for your help. Your help will provide the resources needed to jumpstart this cause. The task in front of us is enormous.

To give you a snapshot of my life and how I and others live with this condition daily…Imagine being buried alive.  Those of us affected by this condition are alive inside, but outwardly unable to communicate effectively and are limited physically, which mimics being buried alive. I however, am evidence, that through hard work, perseverance and most importantly support, a person suffering from this condition can exist in society although limited but with a better quality of life. The problem is us suffering from TBI feel isolated and alone most of the time. With your support we can begin to make a difference. Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

What I am asking for is financial assistance in starting this nonprofit, which will serve in assistance and support of those suffering from TBI.

Your financial support will help to make this mission possible. I know I can’t do it without you….but that won’t stop me from trying. Thank you again, SO much for taking the time to view my mission and considering the opportunity to support me.

I also want to thank the individual who asked to remain anonymous, for their helping inspire me to get my message/mission on this site. I will be forever grateful!

If you know of anyone or you yourself are suffering from a TBI that does not know where to turn for guidance, encouragement, or emotional support, please get in touch with me.

Sincerely and Forever,



On my mind…

How are we supposed to know which religion is the true religion?  Just because someone follows a certain faith does not mean it is the correct path… Perhaps, no one religion contains all the truths of the world, but rather, every religion contains fragments of the truth which we, in our quests for enlightenment, are responsible for identifying those fragments and piecing them together.  Such has been what I have found during my journey, learning and experiencing other religions and customs.  I have found that consciousness is the higher plane, the next level of human evolution, spiritual nirvana (per se).

All of this dick fear over who’s god is the right god is ego driven bullshit meant to take the place of playground bullying.  Same with any of these international or domestic conflicts… no one wants to be one-upped and needs to have the last word, the last kill, the last whatever… fucking childish is what it is.  A bunch of  pubescent 12 year olds playing god with nuclear weapons and people’s lives; no regard for anything other than being right.  Sociopathic and totally insane.

And to the troops and war mongering elite, any real hero does not want to go to war but goes because he has to and it is the right thing to do.  On the adverse, it is also the right (heroic) thing to do by refusing to fight an unjust war, no matter the consequences.

Peace and whatever… Kyle