Self Worth

I want you to pick me
I have loved you for years
I am done taking the back seat,
Sacrificing myself for another’s
Happiness. Martyrdom in love serves
No one in no way that matters.
Selfish action belies truth in self,
Security in ones being.


A new perspective…

Getting in touch with spirituality, what may have been one of the original goals of the religious institutions.  Religion has become an archaic and outdated pox on society.  People trying desperately to hold on to banal and ignorant traditions for the sake of nostalgia.  It is complete and utter bullocks!  Too often we are afraid of our own subconscious, most of us refuse to let the illusion of control go. There is a definite duality to life, humans have known it and lived it for tens of thousands of years. In recent history, say the last two thousand and especially the last five hundred, we have experienced a war against the spirituality of human existence.  Too often the conscious reality, the lucid hell we are absorbed with, consumes every ounce of life from us until we are left broken, medicated and lost.  All in an attempt to be “society’s” normal… who gives a heck what society wants!  You are you, no one else can be you, why would you ever want to be someone else?!?  Be you!

A thought; a lesson

Seeing all the more clearly how life moves in waves.  Oft times we get complacent and copacetic with the status-quo and then our life is turned on its edge, be it a tragedy, a new job, a lost job, a new love, and ending love, any changing venture or circumstance really.  It is really very beautiful when thought about at length.  Every experience is a lesson; a guide-post… guiding us on a path that is yet to be known, cannot be known.  Speculation is okay to think of in the moment but to linger on such only breeds anxiety and trouble.  Relax, life will happen as it does.  As Albert Einstein said “the reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  So take that idea or notion of immediate gratification and quash it for good and all!  It does nothing but make you out to be an insufferable nitwit.  Yeah, I have been there before, find myself drifting that way but have learned to catch myself amidst said thoughts.  It has made a lot of difference in my peace of mind.  I just seek to be a lesson or guide-post to any of my readers.  Namaste mu’ah fu’ahs.

The Gift

Life is a gift, the greatest gift. Energy without yearns for this sigh of consciousness we call life.  This joyous reverie of physical and spiritual connectedness.  Traditions and folly of past energetic manifestations need to be acknowledged, learned from and moved past. The present chaotic state occurs when they are, instead, romanticized and deified.

Do not squander this beautiful gift of life with speculations of what you think might happen, or how we came about.  No one can know nor does know for certain.  Learn from events and graduate toward the next state of human evolution, consciousness.  We are at a crux, the old, established paradigm of religious/imperialistic domination is entering the death throes. Looking at the ever increasing entropy, largely caused by the money hungry oligarchies of the world, this crumbling of the established mindset can be seen.

With the advent of a worldwide communication network, at or near the speed of light, We are a global nation, no longer a world of various tribes fighting over lines on a map… or at least we should be. But that is the old mindset trying to distract people and drag them back down to the ego driven “mine versus yours” imperialistic conflict.  Rising up to the next state of micro-evolution, consciousness, may be the only way to resolve these petty but destructive conflicts and realize our true potential and purpose.



The feeling of being on the right path, watching it unfold before.

Paths a many, falling in and out of place. The end is unknown

But sure of direction; of place in this journey. Laughing

And hiking, getting the fill of life’s treasures, abundant in nature.

Energy abounds, vibrations echoing through time and from

The mind.  Thoughts of fruit, of bearing seeds of life, recreant

Nature, guiding hope.  Open heart to hear, open eye to see,

Smile and smile, life does life and it is a beautiful thing.