Self WorthI want you to pick me I have loved you for years I am done taking the back seat, Sacrificing myself for another's Happiness. Martyrdom in love serves No one in no way that matters. Selfish action belies truth in self, Security in ones being.


A new perspective…

Getting in touch with spirituality, what may have been one of the original goals of the religious institutions.  Religion has become an archaic and outdated pox on society.  People trying desperately to hold on to banal and ignorant traditions for the sake of nostalgia.  It is complete and utter bullocks!  Too often we are afraid … Continue reading A new perspective…


ClairvoyanceThe feeling of being on the right path, watching it unfold before.Paths a many, falling in and out of place. The end is unknownBut sure of direction; of place in this journey. LaughingAnd hiking, getting the fill of life’s treasures, abundant in nature.Energy abounds, vibrations echoing through time and fromThe mind.  Thoughts of fruit, of … Continue reading #183