A look inside the dying star shows life anew in puzzle form

We rise and we fall, all life long, such is the norm

Such is the reason to live, the reason to bleed, the reason to die

Outward looking is folly, truth is revealed deep inside 

Within each one there’s a nuclear power 

Brought to fore or not in our darkest hour

Choose to live, choose to thrive, don’t just settle being some nice guy

Or girl. Make a mark, stand out, your life is yours to decide!



Kick It Up A Notch!

Demisexual, the one label I will accept 

Emotionally mature, body won’t regress

Awkward living, asexual thinking, before found label was

Skilled lover, elite experience, worth determined afore.

One night stands are real in myth alone

Hookup culture madness, where dating doesn’t exist. 

Courting insanity without, inner turmoil burns aloud

Roaring inside as difference means exclusion

Banging One’s head against the proverbial wheel

The wheel of a sex based and shamed society

Running without, feeling wihout…refreshing and fucking trying

All at once! It hits in moments of trouble as well as bliss

Someone to share with, to care with, to hold with, to be held with

Alas, to hookup is all women want

It’s easy for them, performance is meh…they get what they want

Simple guy gets off.

Complexity is the spice of life, but discarded in a world without tastebuds.


Reality Shifts

Alone in thought, alone in reality

Best of the best, born thusly 

Pariahs of thought, of interactive being

Loss and hurt felt by all

Lived every moment

By a few…every exchange, every day

It all adds up, makes one stronger

But fuck, it is daunting!


When you’ve been treated like shit and an afterthought by women for so long…one finally opens up to you (it only took 20 years and that only via a three some), and your body doesn’t know how to respond or what to do…the struggles of a brain injury survivor. 


Alone Up Top

Chance at connection, body doesn’t listen 

At war with One’s self, 

Much like One’s Sioux Cherokee ancestral make up 

Oh well, once in a blue moon’s blue moon the chances come

Alone, a rookie with bi-decade’s chance at bat

Doomed to come up short in this big league life

Not given time nor opportunity to learn, expectations of want

All there is. None to teach the selfish game of getting One’s own

A generous lover but never reaching high

Never a climactic moment, the O face unbecometh

Miss Palmer lends a hand, only one to take some time

Learning a self exam, dry dogging habit

Not seen as desirable makes a guy dependent on

Himself alone, an unwittingly asexual mess