Choices A look inside the dying star shows life anew in puzzle form We rise and we fall, all life long, such is the norm Such is the reason to live, the reason to bleed, the reason to die Outward looking is folly, truth is revealed deep inside  Within each one there's a nuclear power  … Continue reading #346


Kick It Up A Notch! Demisexual, the one label I will accept  Emotionally mature, body won't regress Awkward living, asexual thinking, before found label was Skilled lover, elite experience, worth determined afore. One night stands are real in myth alone Hookup culture madness, where dating doesn't exist.  Courting insanity without, inner turmoil burns aloud Roaring … Continue reading #345


When you've been treated like shit and an afterthought by women for so long...one finally opens up to you (it only took 20 years and that only via a three some), and your body doesn't know how to respond or what to do...the struggles of a brain injury survivor.