What devious trappings of character…

So I was talking with a good friend of mine today who is going through the second of two bad breakups in the past three years.  She started describing what was going on and their behaviors and I saw memory flashes and such of reading about these type of situations explained from the guys' perspective, … Continue reading What devious trappings of character…


Exterminating Angels Selfish love is a cheating love, so prevalent in these troubling times. Sad to see the lack of true ecstasy. Cheated for loss of feeling the feel of fullness reached on another's part Seeing, feeling, hearing the gasps escaping with feverish vigor.  Touching here, caressing there, the warmth of love renewed in physical song.

What prayer actually is

Prayer is just the verbal or mental coaxing of one's subconscious.  People not ready to accept this simple truth will still credit a deity, so as to appear sane and not schizophrenic, kinda funny really.  That is perfectly okay.  Whatever eases the anxieties of life.  Problems occur when people pray to a god to do … Continue reading What prayer actually is

The State of Affairs

The institution of religion became outdated with its inception.  Human decency precedes religion, simply verifiable with the fact that the modern calamity of the relgiious state, and all of its atrocities, can be traced through these past 2000 years.  Before that, there was only territorial disputes between various tribes who just happened to be from … Continue reading The State of Affairs