Two Times Three

What to do as your mind is telling you no

but your heart is telling you yes?

Follow a way you find taboo?

Follow a mind, scarred in love?

Others talk, they always will…

worry not on trivial things.

A strength inside is fostered,

a trust built out of wisdom received.

Positive energies engulf you,

so fresh the feeling be!

Negating negatives with magnetic force…

can this really be true?

Results are all that matter,

Have you the courage to deny the negative thoughts inside?

Ask yourself…

What has changed?

What is the clue?

It shall make itself known

This life is all we have,

don’t waste it guessing for better.

Now is the best, forget the rest…

This moment is all we have,

All else is but a hope..




Awake at untimely hour, knowing something is on the mind

Beginning to write, what he don’t know but hopes to find

Thoughts of a friend loved, stuck in love, caught in a deceitful web

Coaxed forward with a loving hand, the evil love begins to ebb

Stepping with straightened step, they walk in step together

One to go this way, the other that… energy entwined forever

What devious trappings of character…

So I was talking with a good friend of mine today who is going through the second of two bad breakups in the past three years.  She started describing what was going on and their behaviors and I saw memory flashes and such of reading about these type of situations explained from the guys’ perspective, on various forums.  I knew exactly what the issue was and didn’t hesitate to tell her.  She was a victim of two self absorbed members of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community.  I know several members myself, all of whom I find to be less than reputable and very self absorbed assholes.

I go on to explain to her that she is just one in a line for these guys and to remove all contact and influence.  Only then would her brain be able to start forgetting the psychological training they so deviously forced upon her.  Do I care that guys world wide will hate me for telling this, not at all.

Women, have you ever asked yourself “How in the hell did I fall for that guy?!?” “Why did I sleep with him and so soon after meeting him?!?”, you may be a victim of the very same psychological warfare.  A gentle caress to the hand, the elbow, a playful tapping on your shoulder/knee, hand in the small of your back, on your inner thigh…. you are kissing him, wanting to give yourself fully to him.  You don’t know where this desire is coming from, your type he isn’t and yet you cannot resist his charms.  Your psyche is being trained to be a mental slave to his will, just one in a line.  More to come after but you don’t mind, he promises and says exactly what you want, he’s done his homework, drawing you tighter and tighter into his web.

A psychological web which you may never be fully absolved.  The devious ways of the selfish PUA perpetrator.  Those that aim to sleep with whomever they want and however many they want, whenever they want. Le sigh…

This post isn’t speaking out against the psychology of this system it is speaking out against the devious nature of some of these so called “pros”.


Mutt’s on a September Eve

Brakes give out and what the fuck?!?

Thrown to reverse to avoid oncoming traffic.

Parking lot shenanigans and small city night.

Damn it to hell, I just needs go one mile!

Bar is full and I am sober, on to adventures

cut short with lack of stop.  Coax it home

not exceeding twenty five, turn at five

to save me some lugs.  Parking lot quiet,

home I am.  Ease it in slowly, emergency

brake it short. Reverse it a nudge, then

thrown gently to park.  I walk inside and flop

on the bed. Ass bared, I shimmy under cover.

Calmly resting, I go the fuck to sleep.


Growth In Love

Some say I wear my heart on my sleeve,

that I may, but then I do as I please.

To be unafraid to open yourself, to love another,

such is one of the greatest accomplishments

and the reason to life.  A reason for living for more

than just fabrics, knowing love in friendship, family

romance.  Not one is needed more than any other

but one is needed, nonetheless.  Love is the

ingredient to a full and happy life.  Cherish the loved

past and present but move on from those who hurt,

even though they are loved, love from afar.


Exterminating Angels

Selfish love is a cheating love,

so prevalent in these troubling times.

Sad to see the lack of true ecstasy.

Cheated for loss of feeling the feel

of fullness reached on another’s part

Seeing, feeling, hearing the gasps

escaping with feverish vigor.  Touching

here, caressing there, the warmth

of love renewed in physical song.

What prayer actually is

Prayer is just the verbal or mental coaxing of one’s subconscious.  People not ready to accept this simple truth will still credit a deity, so as to appear sane and not schizophrenic, kinda funny really.  That is perfectly okay.  Whatever eases the anxieties of life.  Problems occur when people pray to a god to do things they are unwilling to do, as prayer is just people talking to the deeper parts of their minds.  Much like breaking a bone or any other serious malady, sane people don’t just pray/will it to heal itself, they go to the doctor and have it looked after.  Any prayer is much the same, it takes action on the person’s part, regardless of the prayer.  This goes along with my other blog posts, the power of thoughts manifest themselves into reality through thinking leading to affirming action.  ’til then, adieu.