A conscious love

What is the love you desire?

We are entering, fully…consciously, into a brand new day. All to easily love has been misconstrued as lust. Sex has been transformed into a weapon, an insanely pleasurable drug. A drug that can only be used a handful of times before pair bonding is destroyed. For a great many, it takes only one time. It is, in essence, a woman’s greatest gift for others but also the greatest weapon against herself.

Guys pair bonding is completely different, in ther lust for equality, women try to adopt things men do, and say that makes them a man. We need to understand and begin to recherish the divinity of true femininity.

I’ve said it many times, men do not want to date men. Men want to fuck whores, when the urge arises. This, by no means, means they’re going to fulfill the fantasy you women traded for “the tingles”. Know your role, you’ll be much happier.

Love has nothing to do with lust, it only reaches its, acute, zenith with sex. All to often, interactions are led with sex, thereby cheapening the Source given gift of an agape love experience. It is what it is. We all have choices and no matter how you take it, accountability is of great import.

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