Fresh Not a shit was given as he said goodbye the usual pang of lost hope was nil Steadfast in what he knows and doesn't, finding comfort in curiosity At peace upon this plane of being breathing deep sigh of relief Why are these people drawn to him they say he is amazing, an awakening perhaps … Continue reading #79


London Burns It is a warm, dusky spring evening on the shore of the lake. He watched her moving with silk-like grace, Whence cometh these flames, burning alive a soul thought lost? Desire awakens inside  his heart. Hoping for a chance to make her his own, his one true. Love can conquer all, but can … Continue reading #78


Just a public disclaimer: with all of this police state drama and people "committing suicide", I just want to set the record straight that I would never and will never do such.   If it comes out that I have died and it is labeled as suicide, it is a lie and a cover up.

two roads… (a Frost variation/explanation)

Knowledge and religion are intersecting on a highway, without stop signs or traffic lights. With knowledge, the need for myths to explain things away, as in religion/mythology (the two are one in the same) becomes moot and a point of utter ignorance. I posted a meme, very recently about how if we hadn't been constrained … Continue reading two roads… (a Frost variation/explanation)


just thinking back on what I've learned these past 29+ years... lol, John Rockefeller formed Standard Oil in 1871, the same year as the act of 1871. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are two of the families that run the world. Is the Rockefeller family, perchance, distant relatives/cousins of the Rothschild family? A foreign interest gaining … Continue reading Hmmmm