Not a shit was given as he said goodbye

the usual pang of lost hope was nil

Steadfast in what he knows and doesn’t,

finding comfort in curiosity

At peace upon this plane of being

breathing deep sigh of relief

Why are these people drawn to him

they say he is amazing, an awakening

perhaps for future thought

what blasted him from reverie was

handled with humbled grace

seeking to awaken the addled minds

of any he comes across

he will not shirk for polite correctness

such is a banal, wasted life.



London Burns

It is a warm, dusky spring evening on the shore of the lake.

He watched her moving with silk-like grace,

Whence cometh these flames, burning alive a soul thought lost?

Desire awakens inside  his heart.

Hoping for a chance to make her his own, his one true.

Love can conquer all, but can break the same.

Love he has but known only once, he yearns to feel again.

A scale is weighed, here or there…

He knows the truth in what he feels, a living love in infant form.

Growth will come in violent purge.

A choice hangs in the midst, not of his control

helpless he feels and time he gives.

Time for decision wrought, not of haste and regretful woe

Careful love for a carefree life.


True Men

Shining armor is not the sign of a good man

storybooks got it wrong

Scuffed and dirty, a man that has been tried

character is built in such ways

Preconceived notions cheapen  the truth

lies to self, lies to hearts.

A wizened man knows what is the right to do

he will not shirk for lust.

Lust of body, lust of power, lust of wealth…

they are for the weak of couth


Thoughts arising.. ironic thoughts. Just going by the timeline in the bible, if I remember correctly, the implementation of the mark of the beast comes after the rapture… if the RFID chip that all these theists are ascared of is in fact the mark of the beast doesn’t that mean that they were left behind, with the “sinners”?  What is left but a lovely world full of delusional Christians who continue doing things the wrong way, only more adamantly… talk about hell on earth.


Just a public disclaimer: with all of this police state drama and people “committing suicide”, I just want to set the record straight that I would never and will never do such.   If it comes out that I have died and it is labeled as suicide, it is a lie and a cover up.

Mars One

So I am gonna apply to become an astronaut on the 2023 Mars Mission.  I am 29 years old, highly intelligent, no significant other, no kids, I am a people person but prefer to be alone… Life on mars would be an adventure in science.  I fucking love science!

Society today

We live in a society that places more worth on a monopoly currency than a human life… I don’t know about you, but that is not a place I want to live.  A life of excess, the glamour, the glitz is a sickening thing.  Live a life of less and you will discover the more than you could imagine, more about yourself, more about each other.  Progress isn’t having the newest or coolest stuff, the biggest and best… progress is doing well with what you have and helping others.  Life is not a competition as it once was.  We have entered a phase in life where we need to set aside differences, set aside religion, set aside boundaries and learn to love each other and our home as a cohesive force of human beings.