The Storm Has Arrived 17

Good Sunday morning Patriots 🇺🇸 Did you hear President Trump last night talking about how he could walk away and he would have a “very wonderful life”? Well I see a lot of people complaining that Trump wALkEd aWaY and did not fight hard enough to stay in office. This is small minded. He set … Continue reading The Storm Has Arrived 17

Mitt Romney’s 9/11 involvement & Burisma / Ukraine.

Do NOT let this go unshared & slip through the cracks. Mitt Romney turned on Trump. Why? "Romney’s National Security Advisor for his 2012 Presidential Campaign, Joseph Cofer Black, sits on the Board of the same Burisma Holdings that was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, yet Vice President Joe Biden & the criminal Obama … Continue reading Mitt Romney’s 9/11 involvement & Burisma / Ukraine.


Parents who get their kids vaccinated should be hung/executed with all of these news people/poiticians/doctors/nurses/etc.... anyone who champions this experimental death shot. It's fine if you wanna be a fucking idiot, you have no right to put your stupidity on a child.


Nurse testifies that none of the millions of covid patients died from covid, they died from medical mal-practice... hospitals were paid to follow government orders that led to the deaths of millions of people... confirmed genocide... nuremberg 2.0 trials needed... and going on, none get a free pass.