Write Drunk Edit Sober Alcohol, a friend in doses, can be fun in spades... lubricated moments, memories  Sometimes lost. Writing drunk, per Hemingway's advice, proves useful in bypassing  The id. That self editing bastard! The ego and super such are more easily sated. Pleased with self of self. Traveled ways across the pages of life, … Continue reading #206


Missed chance  Travel back a year, I was on cloud nine. Long time crush....saw her reaching for a glass of red wine She smiled alive and my insides went sky high. Possibilities, fears, desires... All churning inside. Bring back to here, life moves and changes. Another, the other, their time was nigh... Burgeoning Bosom, life … Continue reading #205


Noble Badass Heart summons heart, to awaken and realize a pain  Choked down for survival's sake, quietly crippling  Growth when whole. Awesomeness apparent, though shaded with  Survivalist bravado. Who to blame? No one but habit  Only. Courage made manifest in being though dampened with Survival's habit; over stretching bounds, covering repressed  Pain and loss, protecting … Continue reading #204