Romantic Love Does Not Exist

Shifting weights are changing minds 

What weighs on in unending reverence 

Weighs ended on satisfaction halt 

Bend not in Rome spired notions 

Of farcical emotion, false representation 

What does not, can not exist 

Roman romance, Shakespeare’s jest 

Guy and girl suicide rife folly of youth 

Folly of history remembrance 

Glorified stupidity, relished society over 

Misread satire, misinterpreted brilliance   




Two bars,  whole notes full

Fullness lacking, sixteenths in disguise 

Treble clef watches, making time paramount 

Metered words reference time lost

This wonky song sucks.


At Peace

A man going his own way

Paradigm seen for bullshit it is

Trekking untold waters with winds

Unmistakably turbulent 

Time not for social grace 

Buy your own damn drinks 

Equality is a thing fought for

Got and discarded for yorely benefits 

Mentioning, BOOM!

Sexual repression 

Untoward aggression 

Choosing peace

Keep your marital sentences

No part taken 

No fucks given


Life by Example 

One of the best men around

Amazingly strong of character, 

Confidently tragic his situation be

Where brightness shadowed by pain

By suffering same 

Thriving like Phoenix 

Risen from flame

 Tragedy in waiting

Brighter than all

Brighter still for coming through 

Awakened in heart and mind

Shunned for differing being 

Uncomfort made known

When shown how well others

Lives made hell by bitch and moan

Seeing all with humility’s eyes

Aloneness he lives 

While they curse their lives 

Betterness had if selfishness left

A lesson he lives

Example to teach