Vectored Light

Positioned as a piercer of the 3D/5D vale It all starts with a Spark. Life. Life is the manifestation of light. The spark that occurs when sperm combines with egg is light reducing its vibration enough to become physical matter. Life is light experiencing itself... a form of spiritual masturbation, maybe. The energy reduction is … Continue reading Vectored Light

Age is but a number… and a major planetary shift

Isn't it a bit gnarley how the Age of Aquarius began on 1-1-2020? Year 2020 was year zero of the now current iteration. The Mayan date of 12-21-12 carried over to our current calendar is 12-31-19… meaning that is the end of that (Pisces) age. Welcome to the new world… we’ve had some rocky ass … Continue reading Age is but a number… and a major planetary shift

It’s just We

There was a lead up to the consciousness shift the last time we, as the light beings we are, experienced this. Our web of human knowledge is infinite, but forgotten. Forgotten but not lost, easily found by Those with eyes, We sparks of life, We vectors of pure light, We starseeds, We lightworkers.