Thrust Awake Adolescence lost to blindsided reality, stripped of innocence Left holding the dregs of a life, of a dreamscape shredded Ripped and broken, scarred and renewed, vicariously incarnate Living life thankfully, purposefully touching lives. Remembering Always the pain of loss and despair, spreading joy, the ultimate cause. Truth, and by truth alone, no placating … Continue reading #161


Here but a Short While Time moves so fast. Life begins and readily ends. Along the way we seek to find survival’s end.  Success in numbers, useless shit and sex. Seeking to fill that which is within from without. Find yourself, the one no one else will be.


Life Light Sittin down on the black rock Letting thoughts run and run they do Love, love, love, love... prosperity and wealth Good head space is awesome dealings Control is had, control of feelings unfettered bettered and stronger in the end, knowledge is held where once bullshit ran wild A starlight child again, in truth … Continue reading #159