Thrust Awake

Adolescence lost to blindsided reality, stripped of innocence

Left holding the dregs of a life, of a dreamscape shredded

Ripped and broken, scarred and renewed, vicariously incarnate

Living life thankfully, purposefully touching lives. Remembering

Always the pain of loss and despair, spreading joy, the ultimate cause.

Truth, and by truth alone, no placating sentiments, no bullshit,

No bullshit, no bullshit.  Truth.



Here but a Short While

Time moves so fast. Life begins

and readily ends. Along the way

we seek to find survival’s end.  Success

in numbers, useless shit and sex. Seeking to fill

that which is within from without.

Find yourself, the one no one else will be.


Life Light

Sittin down on the black rock

Letting thoughts run and run they do

Love, love, love, love… prosperity and wealth

Good head space is awesome dealings

Control is had, control of feelings unfettered

bettered and stronger in the end, knowledge is held

where once bullshit ran wild

A starlight child again, in truth of self

No more lost in banal, carnal want

realizing worth is something given to self

One is ultimately in control of one’s mental health

No power, no love given to another need smother

the light that shines inside, the light that shines so bright

with the undying spark of life!


Love Werks

I just want to love her, underneath it all

I will never take her for granted, she is too great

so much is at stake, my being most of all

Who I am, what kind of man, an honor bound in respect and love

is what I seek to give, with all that I live for

Who is she, but the light to my day, the evening to my star

all encompassing truth, reveling as my sight

my sight gets hazy with tears un-cried

backing up, running over of their own accord

Love is countless good things and never a sword

Falling slowly, wavering with hesitation, dancing a path

leading home, the way less traveled is not sought .

love, true love, cannot be bought, cannot be found in pill

but that which we love has the power to kill forever or just a time

Some let it go with tears; words; rhyme

It’s amazing how we pick ourselves up just to travel again

along the paths of love, those entrancing, soul enhancing avenues

Love, love, love… the only reason to be, are we, technically,

dead to the universe as a race, we lost our place

our spot in line as we jumped up top, thinking we owned this rock

Love is skewed, not where or what it is meant to be

Love of life, every living thing divine; not quarters, nickles, dimes