Hiccups Social withdrawal, bright star of confrontation melds into Fuck-all mindset. Too much energy poured for the  Blind, the disillusioned, the unconsciously stagnant Foster yourself, raise your vibration, show subtle  Changes in being. Show them without showing With tact of secure self, righteous being, alive.


Mission Best of the best not seen, passed over for expectations of "man" Not phased, just disheartened at the cheapness of attraction  Money, show, swagger, no stutter...physicality trumps personhood  Continuing forth, maddened with singular frustrations Best of the best not heard, nor harkened...will it be posthumous wisdom renowned? Fuck it all, I'm a do me! … Continue reading #317


Poppi Her beauty walks in starlight, tis caught in hue of sun glown hair Laughter's gait makes merry chase through ethereal wanderings Blue green eyes aglow with wonderous curiosity, assurance  Irises golden hued, a pharoe's treasure, hidden beneath time and memory   Encompassing all the romantic romances of love, alive


Showcase Space fabric and time being split resown shredded  Jumbled cacophony resonates metaphorically  A dance, a play song, a drunken stumble to revelation  Life moves at the speed of thought  An individual experience, fostered by these few These insane crusaders of thought Creative company.


Chains Chains around the neck, the head, the heart Chains of self crafted esteem  Chains of slavery, unbounded in physical form  Chains of socioeconomic construct Chains of mental degradation  Chains to be lifted and shrugged off Chains to rust with the refuse as you soar 


Go July  So it goes with teens and twenties and thirties year olds Getting out of house, exploring places  Gotcha! Hypno! Picachu! Mewtwo! Go! Go! Go!  Craze, a craze, an exercise inducing craze!  Driving and Go does not flow Anywhere but upstream, madness College campus midnight brings hive-like activity Much like game time or finals  … Continue reading #311