the why of me

I am often asked why and how I am so happy with my life, considering the situation I was thrust into, December 2000.  I have but one answer, this is it.  This life is all we are sure of having.  I’m not going to get into a theological debate because that isn’t the point,  The point is you are in control of your world, you are the masterpiece to your own universe.  If you want to be happy, be happy.  Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? It really isn’t. Happiness, along with nearly everything in a person’s life, is about the choices you make. Be happy, by choice, or be miserable, by excuse.




You, yourself… You surround yourself 

With love. You are love, you are energy apparent;

Concentrated to become  physically you;

To experience things beyond yourself; to interact and cooperate

With other energy. The source is there, sometimes a tickle, sometimes déjà vu, 

Sometimes a serendipitous becoming, sometimes a chance encounter

Found to be not that random. They are moments to pause

And reexamine the truth you are living. The source is crying out 

With an amazing joy: listen, be still, be present, be! Become you!

Love yourself! Fear not to be still for awhile!


Salted “Friendship”

Delusions avoided, momentary reason offered… Sanity preserved 

Friendship feigned is a friendship better not had

Try and try not… to be an asshole, blocking is the result. 

Better left alone in delusory fashion, the idiots are surest of all. 

Closed minds and “sure” of mythology as fact…. Chosen stupidity, seriously fucking stupid. 

No room for true growth, just dogmatic adaptations, hypocrisy apparent.

Moderate bullshit, a true lukewarm hell. Cowardly holding belief,

While touting science as proof of science fallibility.

More respect for fundamentalists, purely devoted to the delusion, en masse. 


Pledge of Allegiance (to my sock)

I pledge allegiance to my sock, my pedial treasure, there to make my walking a pleasure. 

What would I do without you and your twin sister,  naught there is but to let my poor feet blister. 

Vital with shoes, with you I cannot lose. Sandals are made better with a lovely foot sweater.

Oh sock, oh sock, you are the rock upon which I walk. 

Whether I am lifting to make strong or tarryIng overlong, 

You are ready, though maybe sweaty, to offer comfort to all.



Children dying, grown-ups crying, wondering how they couldn’t tell media was lying

They pop a pill as they drink their fill of the artificial, corn-syrup, murder-death-kill

Cannot see why politicians lie, repeating the same insanity, time after time.

Praying to the id, the inner self, useless muttering, reason left up on the shelf

Of thoughts wasted, sanity abandoned for group inspired thought lease.

Another, the other boss, media, tossing untruths and crafted meaning. Loss

Is progress in the current obsession with excess and pointlessness.

Realize the time is nigh, the time to fly, the time to live and not just wait to die.

Turn off the media and experience life while life is life. Too fast it goes,

And until one knows that the life they lived was not their own, on the deathbed 

Filled with want and regret and things they haven’t done yet. Be the hope you want 

To see. Don’t do it do it for just you or me but as a whole, for humanity.



Laughing, running, playing, grass cannot touch her skin, hilariously cute and alive!

“Chop choo, choo choo!” Train heard, far off… yearns and stretches to see. Alive in love of the 

Unknown. Joy seen in discovery, of knowledge achieved. Seen in working things out. 

Water lover, so excited to be sprinkled and sprayed, innocent revelry is glorious.

I love this little bundle more than life itself, canvas filling with love and knowledge.