Stillness You, yourself... You surround yourself  With love. You are love, you are energy apparent; Concentrated to become  physically you; To experience things beyond yourself; to interact and cooperate With other energy. The source is there, sometimes a tickle, sometimes déjà vu,  Sometimes a serendipitous becoming, sometimes a chance encounter Found to be not that … Continue reading #211


Salted "Friendship" Delusions avoided, momentary reason offered... Sanity preserved  Friendship feigned is a friendship better not had Try and try not... to be an asshole, blocking is the result.  Better left alone in delusory fashion, the idiots are surest of all.  Closed minds and "sure" of mythology as fact.... Chosen stupidity, seriously fucking stupid.  No … Continue reading #210


"2015" Children dying, grown-ups crying, wondering how they couldn't tell media was lying They pop a pill as they drink their fill of the artificial, corn-syrup, murder-death-kill Cannot see why politicians lie, repeating the same insanity, time after time. Praying to the id, the inner self, useless muttering, reason left up on the shelf Of … Continue reading #208


 Bug Laughing, running, playing, grass cannot touch her skin, hilariously cute and alive! "Chop choo, choo choo!" Train heard, far off... yearns and stretches to see. Alive in love of the  Unknown. Joy seen in discovery, of knowledge achieved. Seen in working things out.  Water lover, so excited to be sprinkled and sprayed, innocent revelry … Continue reading #207