A letter

Dear Christians and anyone else worshipping an old book, Sin is a fictional malady concocted to justify a fictional cure... Humans have sought the make god/energy in their image, and in their narcissistic arrogance make themselves the center of their own tiny universes. Your god is too small for my understanding of existence. Step out … Continue reading A letter

Business savvy

So I'm thinking about business marketing and code all the time now. Thinking thoughts, thoughts manifesting in ways that are truly amazing and not before seen but rather what I would have hoped from the start. Life is amazing, fucking outstanding, even! Enough trying to coax or convince people/friends to help... That shit is for … Continue reading Business savvy


Lost In 2015 Dissonance of the cognitive sort plaguing the American front. Wrapped in cacoon of lies and calcifying minds, water is the source of life. Toxic food and bandied wars, killing all for love of nothing Fiat flowers wilting souls and bending backs of masses untold


Ode To the man who chooses to stay single, out of respect for himself and women In general. Playing games in an arcade, is what many people think it is, Moving from machine to machine, forcing your ways on each other, forcing Connection based on visual lust; or playing that crane machine over and over … Continue reading #191