A letter

Dear Christians and anyone else worshipping an old book, Sin is a fictional malady concocted to justify a fictional cure... Humans have sought the make god/energy in their image, and in their narcissistic arrogance make themselves the center of their own tiny universes. Your god is too small for my understanding of existence. Step out … Continue reading A letter

Business savvy

So I'm thinking about business marketing and code all the time now. Thinking thoughts, thoughts manifesting in ways that are truly amazing and not before seen but rather what I would have hoped from the start. Life is amazing, fucking outstanding, even! Enough trying to coax or convince people/friends to help... That shit is for … Continue reading Business savvy


Peace in Our Time Le sigh and what the fuck?!? Talking to a brick wall would be easier. Disillusioned dissonance and warped cognition running wild.  Talk of peace not colored with stipulations; not ideologically attended. Such is the truth of life, not conning for tithes to fund religious whoredom. Babylon is nigh, the American "dream"... … Continue reading #194

“God” is energy

just a quick thought and revelation, tying in all of these misinterpreted deities and ancient philosophies. "Created in the image of god" - In Daoism the human body is viewed as a small universe, an organic replica. As anyone who has studied quantum physics knows, everything is made of energy.  Every atom is energy at … Continue reading “God” is energy