A letter

Dear Christians and anyone else worshipping an old book,

Sin is a fictional malady concocted to justify a fictional cure… Humans have sought the make god/energy in their image, and in their narcissistic arrogance make themselves the center of their own tiny universes. Your god is too small for my understanding of existence. Step out of the Bronze age and away from outdated/misunderstood ramblings. connect to the energy of the universe instead of limiting your being. This isn’t about denouncing god, but rather, denouncing the bullshit socio-politics and understanding the creative force which is the energy that permeates the entire universe.


Quantum Physicists, Humanists, Atheists, and Rght thinking peoples not in the modern occult


Business savvy

So I’m thinking about business marketing and code all the time now. Thinking thoughts, thoughts manifesting in ways that are truly amazing and not before seen but rather what I would have hoped from the start. Life is amazing, fucking outstanding, even! Enough trying to coax or convince people/friends to help… That shit is for the birds, if they want to help, they will. Going my own way and loving it!


Peace in Our Time

Le sigh and what the fuck?!? Talking to a brick wall would be easier.

Disillusioned dissonance and warped cognition running wild. 

Talk of peace not colored with stipulations; not ideologically attended.

Such is the truth of life, not conning for tithes to fund religious whoredom.

Babylon is nigh, the American “dream”… a bullshit oligarchy. Fuck the “patriots”,

Glorifying death! Fuck the ones in charge molding lives with hands “clean”!

Fuck the ignorant fucks, the loudest of them all, buying the bullshit

Hook, line and sinker, denying truths! They are the true enemy of the world!

The “good people” who do nothing in the face of evils perpetrated. All in the name

Of imperial ideology, often described as democracy or faith.

No democracy exists, has never. Forefathers’ dreams burned to ashes.

A revolution of thought, starting small, is changing the collective mind.

The road before bought but since lost when the power of thought became an afterthought

To what one is told by the powers that be. Reclamation is a conscious thing.

Search for truths, deny the urge to suck on society’s bane… sugar, sex,

drugs, violence, ‘god’.  Think for yourselves and trust the you inside.


State of the Union

Plans made in hours past that could change the USA

A president many thought was a joke, a nation unconsciously-

Consciously racist.  Hope restored and past roadblocks revealed

Expected and encouraged to fail. Riding high on the waves of doubt,.

Reaching heights not seen.  Life is not as bad as people claim

It could always be worse, as one who speaks from experience,

Grow the fuck up and govern yourselves!


Lost In 2015

Dissonance of the cognitive sort plaguing the American front.

Wrapped in cacoon of lies and calcifying minds, water is the source of life.

Toxic food and bandied wars, killing all for love of nothing

Fiat flowers wilting souls and bending backs of masses untold



To the man who chooses to stay single, out of respect for himself and women

In general. Playing games in an arcade, is what many people think it is,

Moving from machine to machine, forcing your ways on each other, forcing

Connection based on visual lust; or playing that crane machine over and over and

Over, because next time might be the time you get it.  People get it, but rarely,

Else there would be a run on crane machines everywhere. People rarely get it,

With relationships, mostly, no.  People do not and will not change because of anything

You do.  Change starts within the person, hope will not do it…. “I hope I hit the lottery, if I

Just wish hard enough!”  The wizened single man watches and yearns for someone to see him

Not for the bullshit façade, pulled to gain your confidence, but for the strong and courageous

Human he is… but all he gets when he talks of this, from single and taken women alike,

Some of whom he likes, all he hears is the pitying “Oh, but one day it will happen”.  Might as well be

“I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole!”  Time after time after time, nothing but bullshit

Platitudes offered to sate their lust for cliché “servitude”.  Singly whole, yet yearning for more

Keeps head held high, for he is not ashamed, is not plagued with the “I must be in a relationship

Or I’ll die” syndrome. Life moves in and out, it is much, much easier without the bullshit,

Save your breath, bring me coffee. Le sigh, meditate I must… peace.

“God” is energy

just a quick thought and revelation, tying in all of these misinterpreted deities and ancient philosophies.

“Created in the image of god”

– In Daoism the human body is viewed as a small universe, an organic replica. As anyone who has studied quantum physics knows, everything is made of energy.  Every atom is energy at iits very source, drop from atoms, to electrons, protons, neurons, to the quark level, to the string/plank level which is energy.

When looking in the human body or out, as an observer and  sans the emotional connection to ideals it is easy to recognize similar patterns:

brain universe

on the left is a repeatable neural pattern of brain cells and on the right a large scale distribution of the galaxy.