Choices In Life travels to alma mater drunkish before 4pm feel amazing consciousness realized and unreal bliss actualization stops at favorite coffee shop at near half-past four feeling connected, self-saw in everyone abundance surrounds, abundance around lack, the lie of the age co-creating life in thought reality better and better freedom is mastery beggardom is … Continue reading #412


Ice Cream Truck 'tis a fragile thing youth shredded innocence bullets, phallic perversions mongered war removes life from life misused trust removes light from eyes once brilliant with spark world caves around dark darkness thrives innocence discarded relished with sanity's displeasure ignorance become commonplace stance enhanced by droves masses feign righteous indignant to the core … Continue reading #411


Selfish Selflessness socially constructed monogamy unnaturally constructed paradigm jealousy, unnaturally quantified holds no place ownership, archaic, doesn't exist just taking turns laughable drama, projected claiming yet refusing claim hypocritical oaths sworn daily to self, to others, to venus latter cake takes, prefrontal whims red dress, blue light special shut wide eyes perversions of life, modern … Continue reading #410