A 21st Century Experience of Sexuality

I am an anomaly, I want sex and desire sex but there is just something I don't want... drama.  I have not had sex in years and it is what it is.  My world is not controlled by sex. I would like to have sex but I am too busy broadening my mind via writing, reading, … Continue reading A 21st Century Experience of Sexuality


Self Governance Recognizing the higher energy in ourselves A process gained through training or trial All choices are choices to act, not act Acting is pouring energy toward being or anti being Antithetical energy, there is only one. Evil, a petulant excuse Created by man, scapegoat desires To love is to god Power in each … Continue reading #390


Pussy and the Feels Burnt before, searching for truth Wizened maybe, smartest people, dumb as fuck Traipsing infested depths once more Trapped! Mamma bear and cubs, not ones own Bears before, bears a plenty Honey pot reverie Poison laced, poison snare, poisoned littered everywhere Drops in doses, immunity built Rotten core Ink drop falls in … Continue reading #389