Grow the Fuck Up

Sensitive reactionary presence relays relevance disguised as regulatory commissions

Emotional evolution be required for culus/cranium separation 



Cold Approach 

Stranger dancing, 

self romancing, 

gloriously alive

Nethers twitching, 

lonely ditching, 

walks over to say hi


Three Years Hence

Chance taken 

Love delayed

Feelings belayed for growth’s arrival 

Seen across the room 

That hope rises up

The romantic lost within a jaded shell 

The lay of her hair

Lock draped eye

She still holds a majestic sway on his heart

He smiles

Tea time


Mystic Rapport 

Here I am

Amidst the theta wave twilight 

My mind turns to her

My encompassing muse

The never ending ripple of my being

Half without the other

Journey traversed be coming toward 

Intersecting beings with time unrendered 

Truth within the illusion 

I slumber




Life, much like a light bulb 

Fragile yet strong.

The shape is that of strength

Resilient, able to handle the fire within.

Crushed flat and life is snuffed out.

Coiled wire frayed with construct demise.


Animam Vero

Another exercise in humanity 

Lives passing through

As chaff blowing in the wind
Going direction none can know

Realizing the suck of life

Be the essence of beauty in truth