Three Years Hence Chance taken  Love delayed Feelings belayed for growth's arrival  Seen across the room  That hope rises up The romantic lost within a jaded shell  The lay of her hair Lock draped eye She still holds a majestic sway on his heart He smiles Tea time


Mystic Rapport  Here I am Amidst the theta wave twilight  My mind turns to her My encompassing muse The never ending ripple of my being Half without the other Journey traversed be coming toward  Intersecting beings with time unrendered  Truth within the illusion  I slumber


Animam Vero Another exercise in humanity  Lives passing through As chaff blowing in the wind Going direction none can know Realizing the suck of life Be the essence of beauty in truth 


Mission Statement  It is the best of times  It is the worst of times It is the only time It is the moment  That moment That ever present itch to be You To be what you are Now is all there is All there ever was All there will be Just be