World Walkers Publicly alone, life lived alone, self censorship when expression made brings Stifled madness. Internalized hell brought to fore with societal disregard Seeking to wake, to make known the plight of those without voice Of those trapped in collective mind, unable to experience the real Hope remains, fleeting among disillusioned, burgeoning  In the walkers … Continue reading #333


Mandela Effect  What is real beyond a familial connection Where to go, what to do, who to be??? Pond crossing possibilities, southern minded by any means  Realities shifting before awe filled eyes Going with change, adapting to shifting skies Minds seeing one way, remembering another, multiverse bearings  "What the fuck is going on?!?" Subconscious screams … Continue reading #331


SW Ohio  Sparing conscious call Running from familiar  Lost hope Worry for self Realizing place with self doesn't matter for others  Valued time Given  Ne'er returned Gaming.... Never Straightforward being and becoming Growth beyond


Deep Truth Calm night, crickets chirp,  melodic fan spinning round dog rests against back. But for hint of memory,  flicker on edge of thought, elusive it stays Over the edge Beginning again and again Lost in repetitive resonance  Reality twinkles once and done?!? Alas, all is and was and wasn't at once.


NDE Time is irrelevant, consciousness key Vibrating rings of energy being Life!  Repetitive motions, reliving life again and again Experience capacity, infinite reservoir  Knowledge apparent, available  At whim of madness Existence wheel turns, bends Thought patterns shifting reality Couple, triple, quadruple, life!


Trauma  Time moves as the pain resonates, that now comforting throb  Emotional and physical realities shifted, pushed toward the unknown Knowing comes with sculpting license discovery Trans-dimensional dancing, molding reality's bite Skyline changes, losing words and changing hands If any thing is possible, all is and was and is again. Reality fostered becoming undone  Slowly … Continue reading #321


Collective Disclosure  Brain unleashed, vacuum coil Expressly expanded with burgeoning worth More and more thought less than whole Valleys surrounding the mountain high Dreamt dreams of everyday fancy Blathering piecemeal, a life out of reach Negative subrosa, life changing means Black project fancies, a worse world without  Collective thought forming phrases Lighting brain in firework … Continue reading #320


Trying Out with friend and "friends"... Knowing what alone feels like,  Banal, shallow becomings God damn...god damn!  Don't belong, can't fit in.... Lie to self, but still be sitting alone  Stinging present, issues retarded...what the fuck is there? What the fuck?! What the mother fucking fuck?!? Life does life and still though hurting every second … Continue reading #319