Love in the End I loved her, but when the night was over. It was but a figment of my imagination. A breath, a cough, a shrug. I loved her, but every day I'm learning her love was just a lie, not wanting to be lonely Naught but tripe and useless fancy. I loved her … Continue reading #157


Sixty-Eight Seconds Infinite intelligence, interdementional guide... ineffable. What has become of me and what is this energy within? Conscious feeling after words writ, a feeling of self larger than self, universal vibrations in touch with utility. Known guidehood, former doubt withholding... flaw seen for what it was.  Resistance crumbles and joy reigns through. Beauty around … Continue reading #155

On the new year

Hey there,Happy holidays, new years, valentines day and St. Thomas' Cathedral appreciation week. Hope you'recozy and having fun......oh, and not too fat. Yes, it's that time of year again, time to make all sorts of grandiose promises to yourself and theninevitably fail to live up to your own expectations. Here, have a bag of girl scout … Continue reading On the new year