So Damn Lucky Walking weathered limbs Pain moves in and out Through and over top Take me back Dizzyness abounds, surrounding Confounding, living ice Backward walking Traversed afore Time again with ease Still, time again Not done yet.



Cody Grabbed in worst way possible Talent wasted on H choice madness What the fuck Good dude, great friend, lost Manic indulgence Just one time Time too many Mistakes, lesson left Beautiful soul Dances aether walk Goodnight my friend


2019 The year of snowflake reverie, light amongst unfettered ignorance. Incognito, seeming less than whole, more than most, an unholy ghost, learning, watching, learning, life abounds enduring sounds of last year's cries. Now, all that ever is, all that ever is, all that ever is. Don't dwell, move ahead, make it great, again.


College Again Swimming cesspool of millennial ideology Much much different than first time around Difference being, decade and half Always humored, leftist professors seem oddly Reasonable, by far Communist plan to light Paperclip influenced sociology American overthrow, attempted coup Making it great again, Older, developed mind, less malleable Protracted Hogwash fueled, adolescent sexuality Loathing what … Continue reading #422


YSYWM Triggered over some menial bullshit? Don't lash out, grow up You shut your whore mouth! Sucking dick with unimpeaded fervor Gift given begs a swallow You shut your whore mouth! Speaking unencumbered falsehoods Incessant mouth running You shut your whore mouth! Talking smack way out your ass Can't play pool for shit You shut … Continue reading #421