Purging Feels

Casting glances back,

Memories of time before

Photo finding, reminiscing

A life before now

Sigh of relief, conquered, overcome


Time, that cruel bitch

Bullet dodged



Choice Aftermath

Tonight is the night, only night there is

Presence and present ness are similar ideals

Lost in nostalgia, past dwellers

Depressed and floundering in this ocean of life

Future thought projects hope at start

Turning to anxiety’s mistress if linger too long

Here and now deserves your everything

Mind to immediate future, all needs be spared

Focus! Intensity! Passion!

Flavors of present living

Though not drug sought of choice.

Drama seekers, dwellers seek synthetic “life”

Chaos needs immediate attention,

Whores for attention , drama kings and queens

Lost in addiction’s wake.



Vibrations, wavelength resonance

Flows around, through, with all

Ether surrounding, being in, is

Encapsulated freedom, calcified reality


Try is heart, safety in death

Again it flows, one unto another


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Everyday Heartache 

Sadness echoes in daily glance,

As hither tither goes

Seeing one after one,

Living existence excused as life

Unconsciously sentient

Dead in eye and action

Archon worship taken control

Vapid existence lived to full


Sweet Dreams

Genius, mostly hidden, sure and yet not

Take a drink or three, maybe a generous shot

Writing writs with style drunkish

Sober mostly has to go

Hemingway lingers in thought and action

Feelings become a lost reaction

Left to linger on dance floor ripped

Like rhythm dropped any way it’s spit

Flippin and slippin lost whole and alone

Fuck you and fuck them too

Lost in a suburban construct, doing what they do

Commercially loved and taught to seek

What’s assumed strong but in truth weak

Conform to what women want, you must

Bullshit I say, your hand is bust

Rainbow flop at the flush glory sought

Suck it up sweetheart,

Your bed is made.