Phoenix Risen

Thoughts aloud allowed to follow

To tarry forth to action perceived

Conceived with finesse

In glory of mind thought lost

Caved and rebuilt

Many years hence

Walking paths unknown to but 

Small few. Awakened in life

In being, in reality’s presence

Present gift cherished

Awareness bared 


Curtain Call 2016

Seeing all these people praising and hoping for war,

Not really aware of what they’re cheering for

Poor ones wanting misery spread and they’re laughing inside

They’re unaware that when the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die

But Something’s gotta change and it’s gotta change fast

This bullshit American hegemony cannot last 

Russia drawing saber, the piper coming to call, rattling days are now over

America, plagued with ego, consumed with greed, addicted to proxy war 

Puppets speaking false truths and psycho babble bullshit

Debates over peens and hands, rather than what’s really damning this land

It’s enough to make one be done with all of it

Bread and circuses, choked on gluten, killed by clowns 

Burned in truth, buried in ash, wearing holocaust gowns


Take A Chance

I need love. 

I need loved.

I need touched. 

I need acceptance.

I don’t need your misdirected self love. 

I don’t need your low self esteem issues.

I’m not saying I won’t help you but I am not your savior.

I am not your part time distraction.

I am quite intimidating.

I am accepting.

I am worth it.


Brain Injury In A Word


Alone in experience 

Alone in reality 

Within bubble of being 

Ship tossed in hurricane

Sanity’s plea

Faraway lighthouse

Batton hatch

Keep it in

Solitary solace



Sad Spelled Song

Am I better left alone

Adrift in the conscious sea?

Becoming one with another is nigh impossible 

Sans nefarious acts of picking 

Connected to lesser fodder

Shit shows of humans who hold emotional sway

Fuck it hurts!

Flirting with possibility, yet knowing door

Be wedged shut, caved in with nostalgic poison 

Twice in one week

Long standing attraction abandoned 

Day passes

Friend zoned kiss with no passion 

No truth

Makes sad spelled song

Fuck me, I hurt!


Residual Effect

Love, the grand experiment in the universe searching for itself

A paradox that is so very familiar, yet inexorably fleeting

What is love?

Poets have mused for ages as to the essence

To live without and never knowing love, a love…is bland

Taste of love was sweet, ripped from being by familial moving

Never a chance to try again, as up high was brought low

A shell of the former, rebuilding life, different, alone

None to share, to care, to take chance with

Fear reigns in those apart, scared of the unknown, the unfamiliar

The broke but not broken man

Living life, loving life, still, the pallid scar remains