When?Open your third eye to pain, fear not that which comes from withoutOnly then will you master fear, hate, dark... your god, yourself.


We are all but one entity, a unified biosphere, every one connected.  The time of individuality has come and gone... selfish people, selfish corporations, selfish countries striving for unlimited, useless wealth in a beautifully abundant, yet finite world.  We are beyond the 20th century squabbles over territory and oil, over stock markets and fiat currencies. … Continue reading Truths


EnergiesPushing past or rubbing through the carnal yearnings,refusing to settle for less. He knows this is for the best,to be alone is to know his self, to accept this truthis a revelation unto itself, the meaning of his life. Only after reaching this point can he truly live in full.Living in full, he finds himself an … Continue reading #63