Open your third eye to pain, fear not that which comes from without

Only then will you master fear, hate, dark… your god, yourself.



We are all but one entity, a unified biosphere, every one connected.  The time of individuality has come and gone… selfish people, selfish corporations, selfish countries striving for unlimited, useless wealth in a beautifully abundant, yet finite world.  We are beyond the 20th century squabbles over territory and oil, over stock markets and fiat currencies.  Abundance thrives and we leave the kids in charge, “running” the show how they see fit, how the ones before them did.  Growth and change, it is an essential part of life!  We cannot solve violence with violence.

Getting past one’s own “wants” and focusing on the needs is what we need to make happen.  Too little have too much and are still unhappy, so they get more, feeding an addiction that will never truly be sated…


The Change

Pondering life as tears well up…. slowly

trickling down my cheek… a tear, it slides.

Two more follow its wake, the path of least

resistance.  Love bubbles up from within,

choked down for far too long.  Inspiration

beckons from somewhere inside my mind,

my chest of wonders needing only to be

unlocked.  Lack of love in life is a disease,

a plague of the world.  My heart weeps, yet

my eye sheds but three tears.  This isn’t

a time for tear filled sorrow!  A time for love,

a time for change… not for guns and more

of the same!  change starts with you, in you

and around you.  Be better, be the change!


Empathetic Thoughts

Blown off for sleep not had,

thoughts are racing of a different time,

a different life.  Stepping back to

avoid falling without stop.

Caution may lead to folly

or to a more splendid end.

Energy is rising up and pouring

forth, that health and glad times

may abound in a world with or

without.  Only time will tell.



Pushing past or rubbing through the carnal yearnings,

refusing to settle for less. He knows this is for the best,

to be alone is to know his self, to accept this truth

is a revelation unto itself, the meaning of his life.


Only after reaching this point can he truly live in full.

Living in full, he finds himself an island, bastion of light

misunderstood.  Life has reduced itself to carnal want

nothing else can sate the lust, greed of sex, of money

of power… so primitive, so debased, so very sad.


Wake up, be amazed.  Life is more than fabric

of dead men; of dead ways.  Harmony is upon us

the world is one being, no religion, no borders,

only Gaia… the energy within and without. 

Thoughts of the morn

Knowledge is the fuel for creation and modernization.  A thirst for knowledge is a thirst for progress.  Everything we humans use in this modern world is a result of thought and knowledge.  Must we remain content to wallow in our wastes, striving for useless fabrics?  Can we not see the purpose of life is exploration; the meaning is to know ourselves?  “You have too much time to think, sir!” is what I hear.  You guys don’t have enough time to think, I reply.  We “civilized peoples” are too busy slaving ourselves to what we see/are led to believe is survival, at the expense of whom though?


Philly in Ohio

Shared bowl and secret of life.

The secret shared with everyone met.

This time mattered more! Brother had,

brother haves.  A love rekindled out of

hatred misplaced. His anger with me

was my anger through him. It had to

be released. I was never angry, my

brother, my release. Thank you Chad

for helping me to seem stronger than

I am; bearing the brunt of negative

energies.  You my little brother are the

hero among the best!  Letting me shine

and bearing the load, as smart as I but

not given a chance to shine your own

self, be the star.  I promise you little

brother, I am in your debt, forever and

ever. I love you forever and back!