Relic A love so apparent an outsider can see, a love so profound it is seen when talking About her, her smile, her life, her daughter. A love unrequited, felt for nigh on Sixteen years, a love he now sees is haunting his very being, friend is all she wants, And so he freely gives. … Continue reading #198


Evolving Thoughts of an Eve Lovers have come before and they will come again, More than carnal want is what he wants but he goes without The connection, trivialized by immediate gratification, cherished By one who knows the difference… found in friendships but lacking The intimate closeness, the hugging and kissing and holding.  Sorely missed … Continue reading #197

Unpopular yet very patriotic thoughts:

American freedom is not and has not been in jeopardy... the armed services are invading sovereign nations, killing civilians and more besides, to further corporate interests and to prolong the failing petrodollar... people ask why the German people did nothing in the face of Nazism... I say they were ignorant of reality and apathetic due … Continue reading Unpopular yet very patriotic thoughts: