Bedtime catharsis…

Turmoil is a yearly occurrence, different players, same pattern follows.  I must needs examine myself and find out what it is that draws people in yet makes them discard me near an instant later.  I just wrote a poem examining this phenomenon… multiple poems the past few days.  I am not going to wait to … Continue reading Bedtime catharsis…


Faulty Notions Magical droppings, feelings fading to black Ever present love, though something much more An unequal yoke? Why pick up the threads of another’s Tattered life, they are just throwing it to the wolves Soon after?  Repetitive anarchy, emotional chaos, The rim of the crater glows hot.  This time awareness, Jumped not into mess, … Continue reading #182


NaïvetéActions dripping with an unknown love, this is not how it isSupposed to be!  Love moves through and gives not a damnAbout human wants and expectations. Unthought known,Ignored for thinking’s pleasure, unconscious folly.  


Be LoveTonight is the night, the only night there is.Presence and present(ness) are very similar idealsLost in nostalgia, past dwellers, depressed andFloundering in this ocean of life. FutureOffers hope at the start, though, turns to anxiety’sMistress if linger for too long. The here and nowDeserves your everything. A mind to the immediateFuture is all that … Continue reading #179


A Different ParadigmSolar projections, fusion’s creationLife spawning source, abundant energy resource. ManIs life’s delinquent step-child, meant to be more, god-Like ability squandered and wasted for physicallySated desires.  An egoistic, physical hell, barring consciousExpansion.  The old guard is dying en masse.The paradigm shift is nigh. Maturation as a whole,After thousands of years of trial and loss, … Continue reading #178


Real CourageThe moments in life that matterThe moments in life that make you pauseThe moments in life make you stop and thinkHow small and insignificant you areThe moments in life you value aboveAll else, even if you do not know youRemember. The haunting memories of a glowingMoment, sometimes pain so astounding, smallAnnoyances are made beautiful, … Continue reading #177


Common FallacyLife seems to make sense and then it doesn’tLoving cared is friended and left for riskier unknownSuch is life, so let it be. Asshole soon becometh suchSo heart is saved for those who appreciate the gesturesOf love, of caring, of consciousness.  Guard the heartAnd guard it well. This be one left for none butThe … Continue reading #176