It’s just a zig zag road sign

My best friend still ribs me about getting blazed, some ten years ago, and seeing an S-curve thrugh time... I now see, that was just me seeing, literally, half of the picture. sinusoidal waves cut in half are S-curves. As physical energy is typically seen in sinusoidal waves, S-curves make up the whole damn physical … Continue reading It’s just a zig zag road sign

Wear the heather-blue bonnet dear

11.8 is a catalyst, a president is allowed to serve 2.5 terms, constiutionally, if one half of one term is occupied by an incumbent. That's the rule of law for US Inc. Yeah, yeah… the winners from Election Day don’t take effect ’til ‘23, but Election Day is the obituary. It is all a movie. … Continue reading Wear the heather-blue bonnet dear

WW1 to Trump: Episode 1

Current happenings are the public continuation of the universal conflict, that has near culminated to the nirvana we're about to experience. This public play began in 1914 with the assassination if FDF by GP. This led to WW1, which led to the Balfour Declaration; German poverty, blah blah blah, history bullshit. Bad things happened. Hitler, … Continue reading WW1 to Trump: Episode 1

Projected Outcome: cats

20’s girls: “Men ain’t shit!” “We don’t need no men, we’re boss bitches!” 30+ women: “Where are all the good men?!?” Good men listened, your projection worked beautifully. You guys (women that behave this way…c’mon now, no sense lying about it) can kick rocks. Your projection was “men ain’t shit”, all we hear is “We … Continue reading Projected Outcome: cats

A Fresh Experience to Memory

It's weird how the synchronicities of life play out when you give up trying to control everything. Oft times I can mentally bypass the basal ganglia and long term, endemic, memories and actually lose myself in well known areas. It was massively alarming/amazing the first time it occurred I find myself able to completely bypass … Continue reading A Fresh Experience to Memory

We are now going through a TDSLR

Cycles, it seems that everything operates on a series of cycles, everything. As a keen observer of the modern dating paradigm, one might say that my findings are rather rudimentary. The tingles are not love, infatuation is not love. The degree of conflation and confusion around the word love is astounding. Pulses... string theory is … Continue reading We are now going through a TDSLR

Future Sight

Be prepared for a bullshit/false flag cabal/MSM report about the falling/failing USD. Equity. Worldwide parity is necessary for NESARA/GESARA to commence. Do not panic and start goin crazy. To do so would play into the cabal/MSM last ditch attempt to disrupt the inevitable.

It’s just too damn bad

Being a reasonable, logical, "good" man has led to this magical place of freedom. This place of majesty, this place of absolute autonomy... confirmed bachelordom. The juice is not worth the squeeze. I've been monk mode for the past almost eight years. I am absolutely in love with my life! Yeah yeah.... I still get … Continue reading It’s just too damn bad

Remember The Flip?

Everyone vs Israel & England.Think CurrencyHere goes & 11.5 CISA & Justice.Red October = Cyber EspionageAct Of England 1871 reverses everything after.Imagine if US openly tells the world they will be helping Russia finish the operation in Ukraine?Mr Pool 😱 A MAJOR CURVE BALL is about to happen.⛑⛑⛑⛑⛑ Trump's play's impartial. Says this would of … Continue reading Remember The Flip?