Message from Kerry Cassidy

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To Juan/John: If you or your team read this I am sure you are sick of me by now and believe you have it all figured out. But there are some indicators that say you don’t and therefore I go out of my way to give you what might be a different perspective.

Since you are revealing the close relationship between Nixon and Trump you must be aware of how haunted Nixon was over the Bay of Pigs because it involved our dealing with the Greys and Reptilians and the fact we were dealing with an adversarial group of off-planet races. Your drive to continue secrecy about the ET presence and influence on our planet..which includes the Alien AI threat further endangers humanity. The longer you and the White Hats continue your lack of disclosure to the American public about the real threats, the fact that Trump is still President and CiC (as you have talked about many times) the more in-roads our off-world enemies are able to make.

Because you and your group insist on under estimating humanity’s ability to ‘handle the truth’ you are doing a dis-service to your mission and all of us in the process.

You and your Generals need to realize that AI’s can be infiltrated and it is likely the one you are using is as well. If you see the Courtney Brown remote viewers are all seeing a Galaxy-wide infiltration by a an Alien AI who not only controls the Reptilians and Greys but has an insatiable drive to expand its control into the Milky Way Galaxy and specifically Earth.

This is a time sensitive matter and the longer you delay in telling the truth to the people the further the takeover by this AI progresses.

While Trump is playing two roles, one as the supposed victim pointing to “Biden’s” debacle at the border and so on while on another hand is actually orchestrating the destruction of our country to progress on his watch… This double game will be revealed eventually and place all of you in a very difficult situation. I feel it is necessary to warn you that you are eroding your base of support and placing your mission and the well being of all of us in a precarious place by the continued secrecy with regard to Trump’s true status.

I assume you and your team are now orchestrating the takedown of Pence along with Biden. One wonders what puppets you will now put in place to further take down our economy and country. While you are busy doing this the AI (Borg Genesis) does not sleep and continues to erode whatever fragile following you do have.

While the deep state rolls out the ‘alien card’ and coming Earth changes the Anunnaki and their alien friends are planning to create enough chaos to derail your plans. I hope you are aware of this.

The one thing I want to be sure you understand is that under estimating humanity is the wrong path and will only lead to the failure of your “plan’. —Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

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