We’ve been had!

VACCINE THE BIGGEST MEDICAL FRAUD IN HISTORY... PLEASE READ AND SHARE AS MUCH AS U CAN. “One of the worst smallpox epidemics took place in England between 1870 and 1872, nearly two decades after compulsory vaccination was introduced. Leicester, with nearly 200,000 inhabitants, boasted a 95% vaccination record but it suffered more deaths than less-vaccinated … Continue reading We’ve been had!

My World (prime directive)

Inside the bells are ringing, singing truth, indecipherable by most. The few, the bright lights with the creative insight, wallow in languid ups and downs, a cyclical chaos to the nth degree. Life, it happens in the weirdest ways.  I don’t play games, I could but I refuse and have no want or need for … Continue reading My World (prime directive)


In the early 1980s banks especially the Federal Land Bank, were foreclosing on farmers properties using fraudulent methods such as charging exorbitant interest, illegal foreclosure, or by not crediting mortgage payments to their account as they should have but instead would steal the mortgage payments for themselves triggering foreclosure on the property. Roy Schwasinger, who … Continue reading NESARA/GESARA: