Why in the hell do people praise baby jesus?  WTF did he do besides lay in a manger and cry his fool head off?  People are fucking idiots...you never hear people praising the adolescent jesus.  If they say, "well he doesn't have the innocence that he has as a child has", then you're fucking stupid, … Continue reading Tantrum

The imaginary friend

Every night in my early teenage years, before sleep I did some soul searching and a little meditation, guided with a book of spiritual reading. In this test I analyzed my day, what I had done, how I acted in situations, as with with others; how I behaved with my teammates, my family, seeing if … Continue reading The imaginary friend


Child'en Feeling the war raging inside, instilled doctrine against the reason in life. Years later, doctrine still rears its head, though it doesn't stand a chance, it is laughed to absurdity. Non-malicious manipulations, forced on the young, the impressionable ones.  The world doesn't need more bronze age ignorance, no matter how it is talked to the … Continue reading #76