BHA Redux

Your eyes brighten then fade as you see my face

conditioned response to manipulating hands.

Can you not see the evil inside, the part

you won’t let die, the planted remains of a cancer,

with no name? Disregarded, walls are built, friend

you have lost and one of the best.  Eyes don’t lie,

just you and your cancer.  Cherish those moments

the ones from before.  The last of a true love.

Farewell my friend for, that, you shall always be,

a Skye to my star, a rose choked of life.


Happier than ever before

It is quite the anomaly, I am happier now than I ever was being involved with a religion.  The majority of those I meet, who have foregone mainstream religions are some of the truly happiest people I have ever met.  Religions are preached to be about peace and harmony, but they lack one key point… consistency.  The widely held holy books are  very violent peaces of mythology.  Written in a time when disputes were solved savage brutality.  To carry these customs over, with the false premise of ‘doing god’s work” is a slight on the intelligence and the capabilities of the human race.  For too long have we let fear control our lives.  In the very infancy of our race, it was justifiable, we were learning.  To still hold to such fears of the unknown is a very childish thing to do.  Curiosity is the natural state of the human condition.. Infants get into everything, to learn, to explore…to mold their highly impressionable minds with indoctrinated dogma may please you for the moment, may ease your own fears of mortality  but it is raping the human race of free thinking individuals.  They will find out, later in life how much of a lie it all was and how silly/childish the myths really are. 

Not to say spirituality is bad, but it is a personal thing, don’t cheapen a child’s curiosity by instilling strict and unwavering dogmas that haven’t changed for thousands of years.  That is Dante’s seventh circle of hell, I believe… to do the same thing over and over and over.  End the insanity and grow.  That is the beauty of science, it is ever growing, ever changing.  Don’t be afraid that you don’t know the answer, be curious.  We are on the verge of traveling to our neighbor planet and starting a colony there, we need to get a handle on this mythological nonsense before people want to start spreading it through the solar system, that would be a very primitive and sad state to be in.

Until then, adieu… 

118 years and still holding true.

“If our civilization is destroyed, it will not be by the barbarians from below.  Our barbarians come from above.  Our great money makers have sprung up in one generation into seats of power kings do not know.  The forces and the wealth are new, and have been the opportunity of new men.  Without restraint of culture, experience, the pride or even the inherited caution of class or rank, these men…. claim a power without control, exercised through forms which make it anonymous and perpetual… They are gluttons of luxury and power, rough, unsocialized, believing that mankind must be kept terrorized.  Of gods, friends, learnings, of the uncomprehended civilization they overrun,they ask but one question: How much?” 

– H. D. Lloyd (1894)

The root of my discord, WTF?!?

people rationalizing their stupid choices away by fantasizing something they couldn’t possibly know.  That is the reason my friendship with BHA was ended.  She dreams about her abusive ex, who is a few inches taller than me, and rationalizes it away saying it must have been me, only without my accident, cos I would have maybe been an inch taller.  Which is wholly illogical, seeing that she didn’t know me prior to my accident, I wouldn’t know her had the accident not occurred and one inch does not make me 6’2″/6’3″ or however tall the abusive prick is.  Le sigh… it is saddening to know a beautiful person is raping her own life away by subjecting herself to such bastardly manifestations, all because he already psychologically warped her brain and she wants to see him as her savior.  It is a mistake the first time… the eighth time is a sure sign of idiocy.

A moment in time

We are on the cusp of either a second dark age or a revolution in human achievement.  Petty squabbles over colors and myths are distracting us from the true potential of the world.  If we continue to wallow in our complacency, thinking we are the zenith of human accomplishment, we are delusional, for one and secondly, bound for a complete collapse.  Growth, change, love, compassion… these are the keys to a future, our future as a species.  The change in thought has begun, a wave building momentum.  Soon there will be no politics, there will be no wars, there will be no fiat currencies.  We each must do our part, don’t buy into the nationalistic, global rape presented by the statists today.  I am a globalist, a humanist, a human being!  I love you all… Ave Atque Vale


Why Do I Care?

Freed me from my burden, your choices are yours alone.

Pick you up, once you’ve fallen, that is that all I can do

Do I wish you had more sensibility, of course it is true

You are making choices that will only kill your soul

Choking out your life, leaving you less than whole.

Deserve better, you certainly do, resigning yourself

To the settler’s folly.  Nostalgia is a poison; complacency, death.