Want of Reason trust is nonexistent, fucking every dick that says hi for all I know, it has been that way from the start when did the lies start? when did lie become reality? knowledge is lost, pushed aside in love's stupor what the fuck?! This really sucks, i felt she could be my wife, … Continue reading #123


Constant Variable Like rock without bed, sliding on sand Faith without trust is shaky at best. Tried and true, stout stands firm In the realization of love's awesome power All think crazy and perhaps they are right In theory it makes perfect sense But love is not theory to be measured Love is just constant … Continue reading #122


Dreaming Tree Branch out, feel the growth... branches getting caught in wires sever the limb, growth carries on reaching ever higher, housing birds granting haven, value seen and cherished, as it should be. Safety herein, truth laid bare. Lies and deceit cannot survive in shade of tree.


Da Plane Da Plane!The annoying fly buzzed and buzzed, passing this way and that.  I continued looking for the beast, wondering where it was at...It casually passed into my sight,I grabbed a nearby notebook, my eyes full of light.It lighted on the wall wiith white paint, flat.I slammed down the notebook, naught but a muffled … Continue reading #115