Dysfunctional Paradigm  Dissonance of the cognitive sort plagues the American front Wrapped in cocoon of lies and calcified minds, water is the source of life Toxic food and bandied wars, kill all for want of nothing Fiat flowers wilt souls and bend backs of masses untold Stooge seems like, genius may be, takes the reigns … Continue reading #355


Speaks When you find your Tuesday night relief  Five and four bits, satiation flows in liquid form A break for the moment, one added to others, who knows what is right? The one thing you know is Hemingway had it right Liquid assistance bypasses the self editing fuck Releases writer from reality, stuck in the … Continue reading #354


Showtime Interaction is timely, alone result is memory Sending energy, observance of others' action Pure and ignorant, an interesting respite from sole sensation  Welcome change, welcome in doses Human remembrance as a glorious site walks in Glances exchanged at bar side  Ass shaped to perfection, kid in a candyshop Flirtatious glances, info exchanged Lied to … Continue reading #352