Barroom thoughts…

Sexual adventures, what the fuck are they?!? Being disabled has changed my view on a lot of things...15 plus years is nearly half my life, at thirty two. I have seen and experienced more than many ever will. But it's okay, in fact, it's fucking phenomenal! I love life and all the intricacies and heartaches … Continue reading Barroom thoughts…


What is reality? Living a remnant heartache Though bright with love shining forth Loneliness compounded with vicarious teachings  Love shown and taken to bloom with victor's gait Stranded in squalid hell of no one's creation  Everyone is faulty, at fault for living a lie Reality is the illusion


Field Day Individual experience, each a fusion reaction, humanity's star Compounded in a conscious mess, messiness devoured on awareness' arrival  Violent crossover, the unconscious result  A sapien quagmire, ego cess pool, unthought known cannot be known to those plugged in Cities flourish en masse, though upper stories are shuttered, closed to outside influence  Wake them! … Continue reading #229


Evolutionary Thought  Delicately savage, lost in silent reverie, muse sits with guided thought. Ponderous thoughts, outward bound and the heavens are found Spiraling bursts and colliding suns span the ether, the cavernous void Energy bouncing,via scalar wave, reaches entity thought nil. Tesla proudly sighs.


Undisclosed  Quiet night, thinks big, walks through, reality unrendered Mind expansions, musical lamentations and sentient beings unconscious Walking, eating, drinking, searching through these conscious nethers The zero defines society at large, warring for money, for oil, for sex, for a god. Intergalactically dormant, chaos confined to self destructing sphere Societies above a one, reaching out … Continue reading #223