Bullshit Woke naked lounging Knock on door sounds  Devoted sentients selling fantasy Door answered buff bound ass bare Shock and surprise Robe donned welcomed in  Selling their bullshit I, in turn, peddle my wares Poetry books inspired of real experience  The dichotomy resonates


Vision Board Sadness compounded by experience lack, Discarded for personal infancy, that childish realm Where dreams had manifest in thought filled fancy Life moves hither tither everywhere No distinction, on and on without a care  To expectation Coming reality shaped by directed thought Realization of actualized conscious breaks the downcast reverie  Strong, unbent, head on … Continue reading #302


Somber Call Amber hued sunlight splayed through paned glass Spilling onto walks and walls Photons dashing Sight unseen but for retinal signals in red blue yellow The gift of sights and colors oft taken for granted Much as the bright lights in life... the musicians, the poets, the painters, the seekers Cry and cry harder … Continue reading #301


Posited Truth It is dark but for light of lcd screen Typing the reality of present being Calmed down fervor from moments just passed The suck, the feel, the aspect of lack Remains Strong enough to carry on He's walked this road sixteen  years hence Tired of trudging the lonesome road Having reached and sought … Continue reading #300


Why Leave the House? A storm is gathering An exercise in futility And so my social life be Relegated to novelty beginnings I sometimes hate my life! Never a chance Never a season to learn Dropped to deep end reality Awkward distance and speak  Too much Too much has been seen Too much known  Too … Continue reading #298