Poem #53

LibraryI'm just starting another story, my S curve through time.Moments, it is what life is, moments within short stories.Different characters for one or a few, different places, whatever I do.. I carry them with me, some close to myheart others have their place, close or far away.

Poem #51

SometimesSometimes it takes a smack in the face to realize something...Sometimes all you have to do is hear it a couple of times...Sometimes you don't realize it until it's too late...And there are sometimes when you think you realize something...Only to be way off.  However, all in all...When you realize something, you usually catch yourself … Continue reading Poem #51

Poem #48

Truth Laid Bare Honesty with no agenda, that is what atheism is about. Antagonistic for disagreeing with indoctrinated dogma, that is what is seen. The minority of minorities for thinking with logic and science. Too afraid to know themselves, the masses search for escape. Excuses made and false hopes they "prayed", they're left alone and … Continue reading Poem #48

Poem #47

To RememberSliding motions, broken tablesDo you remember me?Missing vowels, broken versesDo you remember me?Twisted steel, broken pavementDo you remember me?Broken bones, shattered willsDo you remember me?Glasses empty, food is goneDo you remember me?Unforgiving, hell bent rulesDo you remember me?Hands trembling, furrowed browsDo you remember me?

Poem #46

Tempest KeptShiver in step and quiver in loveSome to own, but just one to loveA mysterious thing, this loveIf it becomes too much, will you cry out?A pain, a sting, so sweet you can't do withoutIt brings me joy to be the one that brings this aboutSome call it freaky, but I’ll call it love.

Poem #44

LoveAttributed softness and a need for soothing touch. Some things evil cannot mar,  In a field standing, is a man, over chestnut sapling.So majestic to become, but fragile in current stateHe can feel it growing, watching it blossom in his mind.  He is there, never leaving.

Poem #43

Rosa Parks of LoveI'm not taking the back seat again!My feet  are tired and I don't want to movePushed down for so long, I am ready,ready to feel the sweet air of flightMight I fall?  Of course, but to have lovedand lost is better than to have never…

Poem #40

Ardent Fool Viaducts run dry, a familiar feel, all too real… Trumped up aggressions and emotions run wild the stepping stone follows his heart, dancing along love's narrow ways. Hands reach out, pulling him hither, leaving him tither with heart unbound. Ever he reaches for something vague that lost glimpse of love, never failing to … Continue reading Poem #40

Poem #38

NovarchWinter frozen, cold to core.  Part holds a faith in peopleA very small and wavering part.  Selflessness is a rare trait,the opposite, a plague of modern day.More than just a hero, he stoically get his fill,watching, waiting, treading time… a moment comes,maybe one of more, maybe the fool's mate conquer.Moments, rare or not… that shape … Continue reading Poem #38

Poem #37

Girl in a Coffee ShopSlender figure and eyes alive… planningfuture excursions. Beauty living inNordic fashion; lips set ready, laughterat the root. Fingers dancing, talkingin words sent tither through wave.She looks up, eyes meet, words pass,lips don't move. What will happenas time moves forward… she is a wispof smoke, dancing here and there.

Poem #36

Second First StepSilently the blade lifts through the static airCherry handle turns, as spit on campfire flameFingers walking, pacing, around the woodRacing thoughts pierce the mental chasmWhy this, why then, would they ever knowKnowing is what is more, he breathes deep Quietly pacing, contemplating thoughtsThe books he loved are mindless sheavesPalm down pressing, so strings won't … Continue reading Poem #36

Poem #34

CollisionWe live in a land of land-locked dreamsMeasured by what we have and not what we doThough we strive for greatness, no matter the meansGreatness evades us as we ignore the screamsof the innocent, the victims, crying to be heardhelpless in life, their thoughts not their own.Screaming their plight, passion in each word.When evils collide, … Continue reading Poem #34

Poem #33

Ash NazgLife is but a loop of repeated emotions and events,a ring.  The hope of love thought eternal, the promise ofa lifetime.  Many scared by the power of something so small and yet metaphysically enormous.  One within another within many others, Life is coiled upon itself, springing hither and fro, tossing lives like seeds at sowing.Planting roots of … Continue reading Poem #33

Poem #27

Sexless AgingCantankerous meanderings washing soiled clothesHeavy heartbeats filling the vacuous serenityWalking stealthily toward an unknown preyMock agony wrenching the souls without.Nothing is what it seems, unable to escape,Caught somewhere between the beginning and the end.

Poem #26

Havelaar Lives taken, bodies broken, who is left to grow the gold? Rifles cracking, no children laughing; the boss' purse is full. Sunny skies and broken pavement; people passing by The aged in years unnumbered hang their heads and cry Walking sideways, undercover, chasing dreams if youth He strives to live amid the hate, what is … Continue reading Poem #26