Omega mode, what is that?  Omega mode is the next level of human awareness.  A state in which dreams become thoughts become realities. The stage where competition is a thing of outdated principle.  We are at a stage in existence where we need to get out of our own ways and collaborate for ways to … Continue reading Epiphany

Poem #53

LibraryI'm just starting another story, my S curve through time.Moments, it is what life is, moments within short stories.Different characters for one or a few, different places, whatever I do.. I carry them with me, some close to myheart others have their place, close or far away.

Poem #51

SometimesSometimes it takes a smack in the face to realize something...Sometimes all you have to do is hear it a couple of times...Sometimes you don't realize it until it's too late...And there are sometimes when you think you realize something...Only to be way off.  However, all in all...When you realize something, you usually catch yourself … Continue reading Poem #51