Poem #24

ObservanceDude, I'm leaving, you coming?I just want one more shot. But you cheated on me!Please, give me just one more shot. I'm done, this is too hard!Give it just one more shot,you're almost there. You abused me, i'm leaving!It won't happen again,give me just one more shot. Soldier, you missed the tartget.Just one more shot, I got thiis. Aren't you … Continue reading Poem #24

Poem #19

'Til Death Do We PartHiding from yourselves, most locked in nostalgic poison.  Can'tsee the river for the water, drowning on your excuses.  Waitingfor life to happen but action is the catalyst.  The good timesare now.  Passion plays, lies of love and love profound. Excuses made, cheating the best.  Experience life and all it hasto offer.  Watch … Continue reading Poem #19

Poem #18

A Modern RevolutionYour excuse, you’re married, but you’ll kindly fuck a stranger ‘cos you aint getting’ it at home’.  Trivial meanderings spreading crabs and other small things, makes me laugh at rationalizations.  Winding paths of life and only taking the known, the safe, as conscience or cowardice tells you to, but for when you get … Continue reading Poem #18

Poem #12

SoapfishDreaming dreams, feeling loss, feelingmore… the love of a friend, transcending theyears. An unquestioned connection broughtforth in yesteryear.  Two lives, riding differentships, traveling varied courses; traversing thechasm between. 

Poem #11

StigmaYou came down from somewhere aboveto tease the worldStripped down past the sunwaking on the other side of lifeForbidden nymph moving for the loveof dead men.  Stigma thanked forprofessional inspiration... the forbidden treasure trovewhat is is not what is yearnedFor others it be but a taste of theheaven they will never see.  Stigmareversed, pushed beneath even … Continue reading Poem #11

Poem #10

Eternal DichotomyLove and hate, instruments of the sincere Insincerely; seductively  bold, reachingin and grabbing hold of keys deepin the soul... Torrid emotion bubbling forth displayingmomentary meaning of worth Will it last?  What will shine through? Love and hate, tools to control Invitingly familiar; welcoming homeFolly of thought falls to whimof makers hand... Passions abound, irrational thoughtleading, misleading to a certain want Is … Continue reading Poem #10

For open eyes only:

The unwillingness to keep learning is by far the greatest prison media has imposed upon our societies.  To be stuck worrying about who kissed who and who is sleeping with who... so distracting our kids, raised by kids themselves.  We are entering another state of human devolution.  I am a fairly intelligent person, magnified and boasted … Continue reading For open eyes only:

Dogma simplified… modern society is too smart for it’s own damn good.

holy shit!  Pun intended... Celestial interpretations mistaken for factual information, Jesus is the solar messiah  of the age of Pisces (two fish ring a bell?), lasting 2150 years.  In the year 2150AD  (the prophesied end of Jesus' reign), a new messiah will be ushered in.  Thus starts the age of Aquarius... see for reference Luke … Continue reading Dogma simplified… modern society is too smart for it’s own damn good.


Breathing Love Walking by starlight, the nymph radiates a moon-glow Hair, ebon hued, walking on shoulders with grace Her smile brightens with the magic of her eyes, breathtaking She runs away, laughing gaily, flowing like brook of rushing water.  She goes on dancing, while sleep entrances Keeping on the edge of thought, the thought unknown … Continue reading #5