Brain Injured Fuck

A ghost of himself walking,

able to touch, to smell, to see,

to experience life, sensually.

This cheapens the life, teases

the mind.  If only a little more or

perhaps  a bit less…no questions

asked, no assumptions made.

A lukewarm hell, a glimpse of life,

an experience cheapened by

the vicarious means with which

it is seen.  Knowing is what is more.

A poet he is and has become

A watcher, a purveyor of truths

denied. So fitting to be alone.


Poem #24


Dude, I’m leaving, you coming?

I just want one more shot.


But you cheated on me!

Please, give me just one more shot.


I’m done, this is too hard!

Give it just one more shot,

you’re almost there.


You abused me, i’m leaving!

It won’t happen again,

give me just one more shot.


Soldier, you missed the tartget.

Just one more shot, I got thiis.


Aren’t you driving them and you home?

I’ll be fine, just one more shot.


You cheated on me again!

I’m sorry my dear, PLEASE

give me just one more shot


*on the deathbed*

How I wish I had just one

more shot to do things right.

Poem #22


Oh Bartender, where was my drink?  Why’d you have to leave?

I was headed for a bridge and you left me…

Where were you?  Where were you? Just a little late…

I lay broken on the edge and you left me…

Fealty gone to waste as my life passed…

what was, what could have been, what won’t be.


A strength inside, fueled by anger and misguided

truths… a rogue starlight, bent.  Straightened

and following a way not of His own… so refreshing.

Am I lost?  Nay, I am but an above average traveler

on this journey, untold.  Won’t you come along,

the road is bound to be worth the walk?

Poem #21

Fuck This!

knowing you will never be the one, always last in the boat

too good of a friend… it hurts and strengthens the 

resolve to become a prick, the ones they fuck and then 

regret. better to be lusted for than tucked away on a  shelf of disrepair.

Oh to be a fucked up boy toy.  To be a good guy, a broke but not

broken man, it is harder than you think.  Forgotten as a wandering fool

A fool for thinking he might be meant for more, but none are more.

All seeking cliche anecdotes to society’s “man”   Fuck this!

Poem #20

Better Man

what he does as he’s going through, hard to see

or to explain but it’s better than has been seen before

less it seems is all he is, not worthy to be called  a man

eunich, more accurately describes his life.  No hope for

those without, have to find themselves in a bottle or better.

Above and beyond, but lower than low.  What to do in

a world of less than average people? Smelling the forest

without seeing a tree.  Le sigh is all is said, le sigh et c’est la vie.

Poem #19

‘Til Death Do We Part

Hiding from yourselves, most locked in nostalgic poison.  Can’t

see the river for the water, drowning on your excuses.  Waiting

for life to happen but action is the catalyst.  The good times

are now.  Passion plays, lies of love and love profound. 

Excuses made, cheating the best.  Experience life and all it has

to offer.  Watch the sunset in the eyes of a paramour, feeling

fire deep inside, all forgotten for the moment.  Magic burns…