The value of fucks

I am a brain injured fuck, 16 years removed. I am the realest person you will ever meet, though, still battling through the social conditioning received before and after my accident. Yeah yeah, we're all fucked up in ways we sometimes don't know or ever realize, but me suffering through my ordeal and dealing with … Continue reading The value of fucks

My awakening

I now know about the different sides of the brain and that I am in tune with both halves... I was extremely gifted with school growing up and still hold amazing (left side focused) mathematics and memory skills.  But I am so very in tune with the energy flowing through everything since my car accident.  My injury was centered … Continue reading My awakening

Wrong Channel

The extreme hypocrisy of our society is profoundly apparent, at least to me, a sixteen year survivor of a traumatic brain injury inducing car accident, during the holiday season and well, all the fucking time. All the time I am praised and applauded for doing the only thing that was available to me...survive. At the … Continue reading Wrong Channel