Demisexual stratification,  none are enough,

All filling societal guides to what life, 

What love is “supposed” to be

Bullshit sentiments play their part

Sating comfort for the unaware

A grating shrug for the rest

Strength gained in assumed weakness “without”

Knowing the self is vital to being

Vital to meaning of existence

Existence is finding meaning in physical life

A conscious reverie

Playground of energetic waves

Frequency matched by situations of same

Raised for reaching heights of vibrating resonance

Positivity reigns thusly



Christmas 2016

Families new and old, warm and cozy

Laughing and posing for pictures unreal. 

Fake and forced to remember in times of shit. 

All times are shit, now is all there is.

Embrace the shit and never quit loving with 

All your heart, doing your part to raise 

And praise a conscious rise, negating the lies

Of a world system lost to age of living proof

Residing in truth of misunderstood youth

Out numbering the boomers, the loomers

Of archaic thought and methods lost

To yesteryears passed, to mindset

Discarded and trashed like yesterday’s war

Fought for nothing more than corporate want of more more more

No part taken, voices being heard

Not left nor right for it’s the same damn bird

Hegemonic leaching of decades past, teaching the young

To fight for the masters, and creating disasters

That isis what the system wants. 

Christmas time and new year arrives, 

Bringing wants for beginnings of changed lives

System fights for continued influence

Media lies for increased presence 

Battle not done, nor near won by either side

Unity and meekness is where we all need reside.

Weird happeningsĀ 

Weird thing this day about 1…I was sitting on my green couch watching A New Hope when I cough/burped/sneezed I exhaled out my nose and black smoke came out….freaked me the fuck out! I had fruity pebbles for breakfast… my throat felt irritated as hell…I drank a bit of homemade latte and all was good. Anyone else have this occur or am I just ridding myself of demonic possession? Am I becoming a fire breathing hybrid? It only happened once…I ponder the possibilities.