Everyday Heartache 

Sadness echoes in daily glance,

As hither tither goes

Seeing one after one,

Living existence excused as life

Unconsciously sentient

Dead in eye and action

Archon worship taken control

Vapid existence lived to full



Sweet Dreams

Genius, mostly hidden, sure and yet not

Take a drink or three, maybe a generous shot

Writing writs with style drunkish

Sober mostly has to go

Hemingway lingers in thought and action

Feelings become a lost reaction

Left to linger on dance floor ripped

Like rhythm dropped any way it’s spit

Flippin and slippin lost whole and alone

Fuck you and fuck them too

Lost in a suburban construct, doing what they do

Commercially loved and taught to seek

What’s assumed strong but in truth weak

Conform to what women want, you must

Bullshit I say, your hand is bust

Rainbow flop at the flush glory sought

Suck it up sweetheart,

Your bed is made.


Magic System Renewal

Topknot wearing abominations

Kicks to nuts centuries hence

Truth and justice not found in resonance

Swimming ladder

Floating sand

Blackened edges seen where man became man

Frank Baum was something on when found

He wrote master diary

Way known not but by dredging depths of one’s sanity


Lady Station Delivery

Ego blossoming hyper pariphally aware

Shit from sides coming forth

Bathroom annually anal toothbrush

Writing….awareness…sexy fucking fuck

Tripping me likes sex never had

Seven years hence

Forth back wrenching necks broken

Kitchen table saucy credit visas

Acidic liquidity

Ph balanced bifurcation

Tooth chewing drugs

Descending complexity

Washing slipperydesktopmalfunction

Ethereum corporeal conjunctions

Trinity bashed at thirty four minus el

Even days, coming sideways

Sweat tooth, paper bus stop

We all need help

Concerning cats in Seattle alleyways

Toxic pacific, to life prenuclear realization

Blatantly bold

Black rings rung


True Man

Never seen for what he is

But what he has and what can be taken

Rest raised to be women-like men by women

Safety is a need! But bad boys are the desire…

Mothers raising good man to be left with chattel

Fuck men on a different front

Fuck for feminine gain, know not consequence of action

Dumbasses of life, of reality present

True man screams silent

“Fuck you, take the simp!”

“You don’t want real men anyways!”

Clown car backfires

Leaves seats cold, dust gathers

Cakes over once worn thrones

Thirsty no more.

Thoughts: 9/1/2017

My life has been an ever evolving tapestry of ups and downs, growth and pain. Through all of this, I find that I have gone through certain shifts and have arrived to my inner nirvana.

When younger, pre-accident and the first few years of post accident trauma, I was very much an extrovert by choice and requirement. Even the Myer-Briggs said I was an ENFP time and again.

I saw myself in my late twenties becoming more of an ambivert and valuing more time alone. Or because I was in denial about my introversion, still clinging to an identity to which I no longer belonged. Any Myer-Briggs I would take came out INTJ.

I realize you can actually choose to which personality trait you desire by what identity you cling to…seriously, if you’re aware enough, the Myer-Briggs test is complete bullshit.

I am an introvert, much preferring to be alone and wanting nada to do with bullshit drama of the majority of humans. I lived alone for 11 years and recently moved in with a roommate. I am fine with it, we interact about as much as when I lived alone. It is just easier on both of us financially.


Approaching Pitch Black

Drums, taps in distance sound

Closer, closer 'til just at window

Uniforms jungle fresh with new boots around

Scapegoat of sunk ship won

Battle of none worth a damn

Stares longingly at set of sun

Drinks last rays of survival's light

Swell of doom in hands of clowns

One is foolish to fear the night

Energetic value weighs in end

Careless egos crash to doom

What life is, will begin again