Sickness in Truth living in land of wheat choked clowns puppet lot, none better than other shit show directed guided by voices swaft predilection unconscious acquiescence is morbid intentions guiding benevolent intentions swayed lost in constructed complacency. sections waking feeling, sensing, being truth fevered few, growing by spades itches scratched organic health fiat whims fading … Continue reading #408



Goes Ever On thus, the adventure continued change was needed, change was achieved not regretful, for choices were purposed seeing every mishap as lesson to push through not stuck never stuck ever forward motion goes safety is illusionary farce of greatest scale minimization needed letting go of all that holds walking is winning.


U. N. I. T. Y.  (Unfortunately No Inquiry Tells You) her beauty walked in darkness clouded shrouds of mind filled with sanity dance childish whims, presence alike masking ever-present desire for self-fulfillment fooled alike, man after man fooled for men long dead, portraits revered energy sorted, real prize sponges swathed in glorified entitlement filled to overflowing, … Continue reading #405


Past Being Present earth is ever-changing, ever-morphing entity nothing is constant gravity is relative speed of light...slow scalar pointed transdimensional beings ignorance and hubris paramount those without see folly of ways of war...stuck relegated to the days of yore waking ever-present consciousness feeds paradigm shift glorious reverie thought meets reality lucidity dreamt in time immemorial


Remembering Youth strength is found in times of manufactured solace front presented to all others fragile flower stomped life cracked, not broken rising ashes shaped to life Strive and strive rest of 'em being wanted forgetting self uniqueness thrown aside generic spread washing out young conscious life