Simple  Vibrating vibrant beings fill the ether Distracted from beauty by a margin of .1% Granted need be not taken for Open your minds, your thoughts, your hearts To the least known, the best known Is all that matters but a mattering of matter? I think not.

becoming what you are

Not to escape but a must to embrace the thought, the next big thing, the best big thing. The ways of the past were doomed to not last the, next stage is set, we haven't got to our places yet. This stage of life is easier than thought, in fact the thought is a lie … Continue reading becoming what you are


Mid-July Sitting, listening, watching energy falling. Petrichor dancing through the nasal cavities. Loud claps of light echoing through the vastness of sky. *CRACKLE-CRASH* light claps again.  Gravity pulled droplets, an army amassed. Silence now but for pitter patter.