Inconsiderate Expulsion  Seven and seven goes down smoothly  Wine bar aesthetic  Loving life Ceeeping slowly Methane gas fills aura SBD  nostril assault  Looking around with disgust What the literal fuck?!? Dude runs away disgusted Culprit found in abject innocence  Humans are weirdly predictable  Goddamn, that was raunchy!


Breathe Alive  Alive on vibrational precipice Blended but remaining above  Separation anxiety  Seeking closeness  Those intimate feels Rare oil resting alone Evolving worth much like wine Not mixing with low vibration of water Awareness breeds understanding  Pangs of without remain Oh the moment of reprieve  May never happen at all Or next week arrival  The … Continue reading #368


Weekend Reprieve  Witnessing mating ritual madness,  The night long affair  Reason be to not go on Saturday,  Friday out Pathetic attempts at satiating id,  Prefrontal release Emptiness result, momentary lapse,  A brief glimpse What some see day by day. Revelry is beautiful but sad in sudden encompass of reality  Living the sevens by two.  I … Continue reading #366


Sanity's Plea In dead of night, awakened by fire, mind takes flight Flame tendered on tension's rise, thoughts rendered for distraction's prize Publicly alone, bubble of awareness none dare penetrate for cowardice sake Tedious to play bullshit game, known not at all, save by name  Reactionary smile displayed all the while, secrets known from burden … Continue reading #363