Inconsiderate Expulsion 

Seven and seven goes down smoothly 

Wine bar aesthetic 

Loving life

Ceeeping slowly

Methane gas fills aura

SBD  nostril assault 

Looking around with disgust

What the literal fuck?!?

Dude runs away disgusted

Culprit found in abject innocence 

Humans are weirdly predictable 

Goddamn, that was raunchy!



Breathe Alive 

Alive on vibrational precipice

Blended but remaining above 

Separation anxiety 

Seeking closeness 

Those intimate feels

Rare oil resting alone

Evolving worth much like wine

Not mixing with low vibration of water

Awareness breeds understanding 

Pangs of without remain

Oh the moment of reprieve 

May never happen at all

Or next week arrival 

The ending is unknown 

This is known

Suffering remains 

Breathe in life

Breathe out trouble 

Breathe alive


Fuck It

Energy alive

Is all we are inside

Time is an illusion

As life is much the same 

Electrons dancing in space

Protons closer to neutral 

All near empty

Physics of life

Physics of time

Multiverse dancing

Conscious call

Illusory death traversing unknown

Waters of being

Death, the next step

Death, the next step 

My last words

Will be 

“Fuck it”


Weekend Reprieve 

Witnessing mating ritual madness, 

The night long affair 

Reason be to not go on Saturday, 

Friday out

Pathetic attempts at satiating id, 

Prefrontal release

Emptiness result, momentary lapse, 

A brief glimpse

What some see day by day.

Revelry is beautiful but sad in sudden encompass of reality 

Living the sevens by two. 

I love them anyway

If only seen could they live day by day

The way reveled on a two day sway.


Feed It Beans

I know, they know, you know I’m a lyrical poet

It’s not like I try to hide it, I show it 

Proudly, screaming from the top down

And my words just won’t run out 

Spitting and ripping most times without rhymes

And It ain’t no crime 

The words I show are seeds that grow 

To let others know that no matter where they go

You gotta trust yourself and be your own rock

You are of value, be sure not to give too many a fuck

Life becomes what it will, energy alive

Rife with heartache, lost love, and strife, yet you will thrive

Beauty is fostered in every glance

It’s in the strength to continue and fight for the chance 

At vibrational rise, that subtle reprise 

From the mundane bullshit of our everyday lives.


Level Realization 

Suffering is often writ of, tis something I know well

All pain is different in ways, alike in as many others 

To suffer breeds experience, breeds knowledge, breeds growth

Explained away as “I’m okay”, inside the child crying 

Day by day, though strong, my heart is slowly dying.

Callousness battles empathy, struggles as real as life

Stock life reality is death, I need a better playground 

Life move, drones saunter on, oblivious to the real

Pity not, different levels don’t mix, stop attempting force