But Why?!? feeling not myself maybe worry but why?!? narcissistic assclown games power hungry resentful retardation must get back somehow debit card madness uber nor lyft fuck me taxi good baby home night early comes lights gone socket madness resentful revenge gone soon enough cannot control reality get over one's self asked for it received


Paradigm Rapidity strong-willed wanted more than worth dead and stoned drops of rotten gold standards high slopes of slippery ice fall straight shot quick thrice the decade reach oblivious of truth delusions of youth cement struck quick-sand stuck no going back there's no fountain hack fables to self realized reality time aged and just blow … Continue reading #417


Lost giant stomp, romp hills fast as fuck and hungry for cucks guns sent up for towel covered blood above top secret, silence now the sound, death the only motion around. Round and round loops they flow winded rivers straightened seem secret of life, controlled manufactured strife, presence of war mistake, lessons learned present and … Continue reading #416


Highland Hiccups Sitting, thinking, feeling high 3,000mg Sacramento solid, "No smoke, I'm from Colorado" Indicascent... lights, all of it Hyper-aware "I won't let you miss class" One thinks ten, not even two minutes pass with many thoughts, permeating Sensing, but not hearing Oh yeah, earbuds Facepalm moments, to what height will rise, one questions whatever … Continue reading #414