Sooner or LaterRealizations are made and songs sung are heard,Sooner or later.Fake bleeds blood washing eyes to show truth and mistakes,Sooner or later.Fallacies are discovered, ruminations are had, “What have I done?”Sooner or later.Truth is made manifest, love moves on, what could be will never be,Sooner or later.A new song fills the air, loves blossoms … Continue reading #174


“Nice” Guy FinishingCould I be the one; the yearned; the lusted; the wanted?Has my passion and love of life bled through the bullshit facade,The mockery of consciousness that is this living hell?Has that passion offered a glimpse of heaven, the heaven,The next state of human evolution?  Could it be so?Time will tell this chaotically beautiful … Continue reading #168


DestinySift out, shift up, watch the willows burnGasoline burning eyes against the window paneWatching years waste by, waste becomes the new.Rise from ash, egg needs break for bird to growEntropy is beautifully inevitable. Dust mote catches,Wind breathes, Fire burns anew... fan the flamesYou greedy whore, destruction's wake.  


Commodity Duplicitous feelings covered with bullshit's mask Flirtatious banter, soothing the ego of slattern’s want. Treated with careless abandon, walls in place for years Girls, fickle, wanting light and hope but relishing their ego driven Hell. Old scars itching, withdrawal seems nigh Preserve the emotional peace, none to risk the unknown, Cowards of life.  Better … Continue reading #165


Paint the seconds Painting, painting, laughing friends. Moments shared, a means to end. Gracious assistance, one cannot compete, knowing guidance, experienced hands Thanking paternal guidance in rearing.  A brighter way, happiness abounding Placating sentiments are not… there in the heart, a feeling is felt.  A connection, A spiritual link, deeper than deep, he smiles while … Continue reading #164