Sooner or LaterRealizations are made and songs sung are heard,Sooner or later.Fake bleeds blood washing eyes to show truth and mistakes,Sooner or later.Fallacies are discovered, ruminations are had, “What have I done?”Sooner or later.Truth is made manifest, love moves on, what could be will never be,Sooner or later.A new song fills the air, loves blossoms … Continue reading #174

The Good, The Bad… All Lessons

Life is about lessons learnt, there are no dead ends... it is your responsibility to not hang on to something out of familiarity or comfort, but rather to explore the vastness of existence, taking the good and the bad, stoically. No one is worse or better than any other. Live with gratitude and love.


I AmI am not an engineer who designs and makes shitI am not a soldier defending corporate interestsI am not an athlete making goals, touchdowns, baskets, runsI am richer by  far than any of the aboveI know what life is worth, I see what is taken for grantedI am a differently-abled starving artist, trying to … Continue reading #172